How to connect the phone to the Nintendo Switch

You’ve spent countless hours with the Nintendo Switch because so many games have been released so far that you like. You think you know everything about this console and would love to experiment with its lesser known features as well. In this regard, you’ve heard that you could also use Joy-Con to play with your phone , and the idea teases you a lot, because you like smartphone titles but without controllers you are convinced that you won’t be able to enjoy them at all.

If I am not mistaken, you would like to know how to connect your phone to Nintendo Switch to try out the many games you could download on your Android device or iPhone, right? Well, then know that you have come to the right place, because by following a rather simple procedure that I will show you in the following lines, you can use the Joy-Con to enjoy the mobile games that interest you most.

How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? So let’s ban the chatter and let’s get started right away. Consider that the gaming experience will not always be the best but, if the connection works perfectly, using the Joy-Con and the smartphone could give you great satisfaction. Happy reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to connect your phone to Nintendo Switch controllers
    • How to connect Joy-Con to Android
    • How to connect Joy-Con to iPhone
  • How to connect your phone to Switch Online
  • How to connect your phone and Nintendo Switch with hotspot

Preliminary information

I told you that it is not difficult to connect Nintendo Switch to the phone : it takes just a few steps and you can use the Joy-Con of the console without problems. It is, in fact, a procedure that does not involve risks of any kind, nor tampering with the console. Good news, right?

The procedure also concerns not only Joy-Con, but also other generic controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch , and allows you to connect the console to both an Android device and an iPhone , although in the latter case the possibilities are shrink considerably.

How to connect your phone to Nintendo Switch controllers

If you are here, in short, you want to know how to connect your phone to the Nintendo Switch controllers because maybe you have found a game you like among those that can be downloaded from the store of your device and take advantage of the Switch Joy-Con without making additional expenses could be useful .

You will undoubtedly know how Nintendo Switch works , so it hardly needs to be told that the platform is a hybrid between a home console and a portable console and that the side Joy-Con can be disconnected from the central body to be used independently.

To connect Nintendo Switch to your smartphone, you first need to hold down the SYNC button : it’s a circular button that you can find on the side of each Joy-Con when you unplug them. After you hold down the button, you will see flashing lights – at this point, your phone can recognize both Joy-Con.

The connection with an Android or iPhone is very close: to know how to proceed, rely on the procedures described below.

How to connect Joy-Con to Android

You can already imagine how to connect Joy-Con to Android : just activate Bluetooth on your phone in one of the many possible ways. Eg? Swipe from top to bottom on the main screen of your smartphone, then tap the Bluetooth button (the one with a stylized “B” in the center), which should be gray if not active; once activated, the color will turn blue, a screen will open where you can select the device with which to connect the phone.

In this case, you must select the Joy-Con (R) and Joy-Con (L) items that are associated with a controller icon ; the Joy-Con will both be connected and you can start using them to send commands to the phone. Although both are recognized, be aware that you will not be able to use them at the same time.

I told you it would be easy, right? Of course, you can now select the game you wanted to try or download some cool Android titles and let the fun begin.

be careful! You may have difficulty with some games, especially with the configuration of the controls. In this regard, I recommend that you always check the settings menu of the title you want to play, to associate the command with the button. Generally, developers take into account the use of Bluetooth controllers with the phone, so you shouldn’t have any problems, but if not, don’t give up and check the menus. If you can’t do anything, sadly you’ll have to make do with playing without Joy-Con.

If you have purchased a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller , I have some good news for you because you can use it not only for the console but also to play with an Android smartphone .

The procedure to follow is almost the same as seen above for the Joy-Con, and the differences are very few: first of all, the SYNC button is located in the upper part of the controller, precisely to the left of the USB charging input ; Furthermore, when you activate Bluetooth, you must select the Pro Controller device to be connected and not Joy-Con L or R. In case the Bluetooth connection does not work, also consider connecting the controller and Nintendo Switch via cable.

Finally, consider that you can connect to your phone not only official Nintendo controllers but also those sold by other companies.

How to connect Joy-Con to iPhone

How do you say? Don’t have an Android and want to know how to connect Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to iPhone ? You know well that iOS, Apple’s operating system, is very different from Android and that certain features, as a result, are not available or are difficult to access, especially with the old versions.

The problem does not concern the activation of Bluetooth on iOS but the fact that neither Joy-Con nor Nintendo Switch Pro Controller are compatible. On its official website , Apple has listed which are the controllers that iPhone and, more generally, its devices support: these do not include controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch, although at the end of the list the company has linked other Bluetooth controllers MFi , i.e. Made for iOS , which may be supported; check the connected devices and see if yours is possibly compatible.

Alternatively, you can browse online stores, such as Amazon , and type “MFi Bluetooth controller” to start a search. At this point, I suggest you select the controllers that are already indicated as compatible with the Nintendo Switch and iPhone at the same time to avoid wasting time; in case you find what you are interested in, also read the reviews carefully because the product names can sometimes be misleading and the controller in question may not be the solution you are looking for.

If the procedure is still not clear to you, in another guide I will explain how to connect any controller to an iPhone . If, on the other hand, everything is clear to you but you want some advice on some good games for your iPhone, this in-depth analysis is certainly for you.

How to connect your phone to Switch Online

How do you say? Have you heard of it and would like to know how to connect your phone to Switch Online ? Do you know that there is an app of the service but you don’t know exactly what it is? I have the answer to your many doubts.

Nintendo Switch Online is the service developed by Nintendo to allow users to play online with the titles that provide it. I told you about it in detail in this guide and maybe you don’t know that to improve the online gaming experience Nintendo has also developed the related app for mobile devices.

If you have an Android device , to download it, open the Play Store by tapping the colored ▶ ︎ symbol that you find on the Home Screen or in the app menu; now, type the name of the app, select it from the results and tap the Install button . If, on the other hand, you have a device without Google services, you can turn to the alternative stores for Android .

If you have an iPhone , open the App Store with a tap on the “A” icon with a blue background ; type the name of the app in the Search tab (found at the bottom right) and select Nintendo Switch Online from the results; at this point you just have to tap on the Get / Install button . Remember that you may be asked to verify your identity using Face ID , Touch ID, or Apple ID password .

If you are reading me from a mobile device, you can download the app directly from the stores ( Android and iOS / iPadOS ) via the links I just provided.

I remind you that, if you have an iPhone, the app only works with version 10.0 or later of iOS; for some games, the required version may be even more recent: for example, those who play Animal Crossing: New Horizons require iOS 10.3. In all cases, you will need to be registered (for a fee) in the Nintendo Switch Online service to fully use the functions.

Why download the app? Firstly, it allows you to use voice chat for games that require it and, in some cases, offers additional features over the standard mode; a lot depends on the title, in short. Once downloaded, however, you will be prompted to log into your Nintendo Account: enter your details and enjoy!

How to connect your phone and Nintendo Switch with hotspot

Finally, let me explain how to connect your phone and Nintendo Switch via hotspot because it will definitely come in handy. You may be away from home, for example, and want to connect the console to the Internet: in this case, one of the best solutions could be to use your smartphone and use it as a router.

Such as? Didn’t you know it was possible to share the smartphone connection with other devices? Well, that’s right, plus know that it’s a breeze! Once the hotspot is activated on Android or iPhone , from Nintendo Switch you simply have to choose the network made available by the phone.

In more detail, select the System Settings item from the Home of the console (it is the one with the gear icon ), then the Internet and Internet Settings items on the next screen. Switch, at this point, will do a search for networks until a screen appears in which you will have to select that of the phone, entering, of course, the password.

Now you can use your smartphone as a hotspot and you can play Nintendo Switch online even on the go! But be careful: this operation could lead to a very high consumption of the Giga present in your data plan . Be careful… and still have fun!


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