How To Connect the mac to the internet via iPhone

Are you always out and about with your mac in your backpack? Then surely it will have happened to you at least once that you suddenly need to connect to the internet and do not have a hotspot nearby. In this case then you can connect the mac to the internet via iPhone, that is, you can create your own hotspot from iphone on mac; the procedure is absolutely simple and I will describe it to you in detail in this short guide.

Without getting too lost in useless chatter, in this guide I will explain to you in detail how to connect the Mac to the internet via iPhone using the mobile data network.


  • Connect the mac to the internet via iPhone
    • Tips for tethering from iPhone

Connect the mac to the internet via iPhone

Surely you already know that all iPhone phones offer you the possibility to enable the personal hotspot service (what is also called tethering in jargon); this service allows you to use them as if they were real routers .

The procedure for using tethering and connecting the mac to the internet via iPhone is extremely simple but first of all, if you have never used it, it involves configuring and enabling the hotspot service. In practice, what you will have to do at the beginning is to go to your iPhone phone in the settings (by pressing on the icon with the gear symbol) and from here search and select the Personal Hotspot item  to open the settings window.

Inside this window, move the lever next to the word Allow others to access to the right to enable the tethering service (it will turn green) and write a password in the Wi-Fi password field ; this will be the password that you will then have to enter later from your computer every time you want to connect the mac to the internet via iPhone.

Now you just have to connect your mac to the iphone and use tethering to connect to the internet. The procedure is very simple, it is just a matter of connecting to the newly created network. Press the network connections icon at the top right of the mac bar and then press on the network you just created from your iPhone and finally enter the password you created earlier when configuring the hotspot on iPhone. Done! you managed to Connect the mac to the internet via iPhone. Simple right?

Tips for tethering from iPhone

First of all, to deactivate the hotspot on iphone you will have to perform the same procedure described above to activate it. Then open the  settings  of your iphone and click on  Personal Hotspot ; in the new window disable the hotspot by moving the lever next to “Allow others to access” to off (the lever will turn gray).

Keep in mind that the tethering (hotspot) function consumes a lot of battery and therefore only activate it when necessary.

The connection speed, needless to say, will be that of your tariff plan on your iPhone.

Also you should know that with the automatic connection for the family you will allow all the apple devices belonging to the previously configured family group to connect to the personal hotspot, without having to enter the password. For more information, see the  apple support pages.

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