How to connect speakers to Smart TV

Although LG and Samsung devices are equipped with good emitters, they still cannot replace a full-fledged audio system (hereinafter referred to as AC). The article will discuss how to connect speakers to TV.

Types of connectors

Before connecting the speakers, it is important to make sure that the TV has the correct ports. Modern TVs from LG, Samsung and other manufacturers can have a variety of audio interfaces, for example:

  • HDMI;
  • ARC – Audio Return Channel;
  • Scart, RCA, in common people – “comb” and “tulip”.
  • 5 mm minijack;
  • line In or AUX.
  • optical, digital audio output.

These are the main connectors that TVs are most often equipped with. If they are different on the TV and sound system, you will need to use an adapter.

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Connection methods

Depending on the type of acoustics, it can be connected to the TV in several ways.

Active speaker systems

They have an integrated sound amplifier. In this case, you do not need to buy a separate device. Also on such models there is a knob with which you can control the volume level. The connection method is simple – just plug in the cord directly.

For connection, a standard 3.5 mm jack is most often used. They are equipped with both conventional stereo speakers and home theaters, where all the elements are connected to an active subwoofer.

In almost the same way, you can connect a multimedia center. The cable is connected to the OUT port on the TV and IN – on the center.

Note : An active speaker must also be plugged into a 220V socket. These kits are already equipped with a standard plug.

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Passive speaker systems

In this case, the amplifier and connecting cables are purchased separately. Its power must exceed the indicator of the speakers, the margin is needed at least 30%.

How to connect:

  1. First, the speakers are connected to the amplifier: each channel has its own output. The ports are signed, so nothing fancy.
  2. Then the receiver is connected to the TV.

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How to connect a wireless speaker

To connect bluetooth speakers like the A180X , you need a few simple steps:

  1. Turn on the technique.
  2. Find Bluetooth in the TV settings and activate the search.
  3. The TV will display a list of devices: you need to find your own and confirm the connection.

If the TV does not have a wireless module, there are alternative methods. A transmitter can be purchased. It can be equipped with different types of interfaces, the main thing is to choose the appropriate option. If the connectors do not match, you need a SCART or RCA adapter cable.

In the case of not the most modern TV models, another nuance may arise: the presence of only an optical interface will not allow using the adapter directly. But this is not a problem either: you just need to buy a converter that converts the signal from digital to analog. Finding such a device is not a problem, and it is quite inexpensive.

In this case, to pair the TV with a wireless device, you need:

  • Connect the transmitter to your TV.
  • Find and sync it with the column.

Note : Using the same methods, you can connect Bluetooth headphones like MDR-WH1000XM3 .

Home theater connection

The best option for pairing 5.1 speakers with TV is to use HDMI. This is a way to squeeze the maximum out of the columns: digital is characterized by a high signal transmission speed, while the quality is not lost.

There are other connectors mentioned above. In most cases, all system components are connected through a tulip. In active type multichannel systems, all connectors are usually located at the rear of the subwoofer. In the case of a passive set, the jacks with the same designations are located on the receiver.

Tip : if you need powerful speakers, the Microlab SOLO-7C + RC  is a great option. It produces 320 watts of sound.

Home Cinema Notation Standards
Designation Channel
FL frontal left
FR frontal right
CEN or Center central – speech
Rear Left (L) Left back
Right (R) right rear
SW or Subwoofer for subwoofer

Note : The receiver may have an optical (coaxial) input. It is used to connect some passive type subwoofers.

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How to connect speakers to Smart TV

Speakers can be connected to such TVs in any of the above ways. It all depends on the type of system and the outputs that are on a particular LG or Samsung device.

Smart TVs also have a WI-FI module. This makes it possible to use another method of connection without a cable (of course, if the audio system itself supports this function).

The process is almost identical to the method of synchronization via bluetooth, but the settings need to enter WI-FI, and then find the desired name and confirm the pairing.

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As you can see, it is easy to connect any acoustics to the TV. Especially when the connectors and modules are the same. However, even if they are different, there is a solution.

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