How to connect my Instagram account with TikTok

When we manage several accounts in different social networks and we want to manage the same content in all of them, the easiest thing is to have them linked and thus be able to synchronize the content shared with our followers, keeping all our accounts updated.

Although TikTok and Instagram compete for content consumption they have in common the presentation of short videos , while TikTok is dedicated to the creation of short videos, Instagram incorporates them through its service called Reels.

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  1. What are the benefits of linking an Instagram account with a TikTok account?
  2. How can I connect my Instagram account with TikTok?
  3. Can Instagram and TikTok accounts be unlinked?
  4. How can I connect my other social networks with my TikTok account?
    1. Your YouTube channel
    2. Your Facebook profile
    3. Your Twitter account

What are the benefits of linking an Instagram account with a TikTok account?

Having linked social networks is always an advantage and the main one is to reach as many users as possible to publicize our products and services , this is the case of linking our Instagram and TikTok accounts, which allows us streamline the publications we make on both platforms, reaching a larger audience, growing faster and making the content presented viral without forgetting that the content must be new and totally original.

How can I connect my Instagram account with TikTok?

In order to have your Instagram and TikTok accounts connected, making the most of their content, we are going to start by accessing the TikTok account and entering our profile, we locate the ‘I’ icon to access personal settings, then we look for the option to edit profile , we locate the option to add Instagram to your profile, we enter the username and password of the Instagram profile, we authorize and save the information.

Once this process is done, we can share our content in a simple way and take advantage of the filters and advantages of TikTok to upload videos to Instagram without having to save on the mobile previously, this allows us to gain in speed and functionality.

Can Instagram and TikTok accounts be unlinked?

In case you want to unlink the Instagram and TikTok accounts and stop sharing your content on both platforms, we proceed in a similar way as when we link them , we enter the TikTok application, we enter the configuration menu, we look for the option to edit profile, we locate the Instagram option and we mark the unlink option, with this, all the data of the Instagram account that were stored in TikTok will be deleted.

How can I connect my other social networks with my TikTok account?

If you are one of the people who manage more than one social network and you want to publish your content in all of them at the same time to make your videos viral, TikTok offers you the option to link with other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., with what that you will be able to save time, increase the number of users your content will reach and do it easily and quickly, achieving an even greater chance of appearing in the ‘For You’ section of TikTok.

Your YouTube channel

To link your YouTube channel and your TikTok account, we must have the applications installed on our computer, we start by entering our TikTok account, in the settings menu we look for the option to edit profile, there we look for the option to add YouTube to me profile, we select the account to link, we grant the requested permissions, we authorize and save the information, in this way when we publish our content on TikTok it will also be published on our YouTube channel.

In our YouTube channel we can place the links to our videos so that users do not have to copy them manually and can access them more easily, which will prevent them from entering other spaces, miswriting the link or desisting from viewing our content, this will help monetize our channel on YouTube and earn money from TikTok videos .

Your Facebook profile

In the same way that we link our YouTube and Instagram accounts to our TikTok account we can do it with our Facebook profile, managing to synchronize our data , for this we enter TikTok, before logging in we select the option to continue with Facebook and enter our data In this way, our data will be loaded and both platforms will be synchronized.

Your Twitter account

To enter TikTok using our Twitter account we proceed in the same way as to enter with another social network, we enter the TikTok home page and before logging into our account we look for the option to enter with Twitter, fill in our data and enter, in this way both applications will be synchronized and our data will be saved, we can configure our biography to indicate that both accounts are linked.

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