How To Connect IFTTT to Alexa

Have you all heard about   IFTTT and have finally realized that with this service you can extend the functionality of Alexa beyond belief but you don’t know how to connect Alexa to this service? No problem in a few minutes I will explain how to connect IFTTT to Alexa.

If you still don’t know, IFTTT is a free platform that allows you to create  applets  (they are the equivalent of Alexa routines) using different services (social media, voice assistants, home automation products, etc.). In addition, with IFTTT Alexa optimizes some management features of home automation devices where the skills are not complete (for example on some thermostats that have only a few commands, IFTTT extends their functionality).

In this guide I explain better what IFTTT is for and how to use it to create applets.

But now enough chatter and let’s see immediately how to use IFTTT with Alexa and how to connect Alexa to IFTTT.


  • Connect IFTTT to Alexa
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    • Connect Alexa to IFTTT
  • How to use IFTTT with Alexa

Connect IFTTT to Alexa

Account Creation on IFTTT

In order to use IFTTT, if you don’t have it yet, you must obviously first create an IFTTT account. Fortunately, creating an account on IFTTT is extremely simple and can be done with just a few clicks. All you have to do is connect to the official ifttt website and click on the sign up at the top right . At this point you can decide to create an account by entering a username and password associated with IFTTT or to use your google or facebook credentials.

Connect Alexa to IFTTT

Now that you have an account on IFTTT to finish connecting Alexa to IFTTT you just have to register the related service. To do this you must log into the site and then from the IFTTT home page click the Sign item at the top right and then enter your user and password or click on the Continue with Apple, Google, or Facebook item if you have decided to authenticate with the ‘Apple, Google or Facebook account.

Now you just have to connect IFTTT to Alexa by adding the Alexa service to the IFTTT account. From the main window click on the icon with the lens symbol at the top left and write Alexa and then click on the services item ; then click on the Amazon Alexa button .

In the screen that appears click on the word connect

At this point, the Amazon page will open automatically where you will have to enter your Amazon credentials (user and password) which must be the same as those used by Amazon Alexa as well. If you do not remember which account you used to activate your Alexa device, simply open the Alexa app from your smartphone, click on the icon with three lines at the top left to open the settings menu and then click on Settings and then account settings where you will find the user used by Alexa.

Once this is done you will be able to connect IFTTT to Alexa and your Alexa voice assistant will be inserted into the IFTTT platform. From IFTTT you can insert other services (for example facebook or a smart device) and create applets to make them interact with each other.

How to use IFTTT with Alexa

Now you can start adding applets that extend Alexa’s functionality right away by following this guide that tells you how to use IFTTT with Alexa. You can also create your own applet from scratch but I assure you that you will hardly feel the need to create a new one because IFTTT is full of applets for Alexa and integrated home automation devices. Do you want some examples of already created applets? You are satisfied …

The Call my device applet allows you to make your mobile phone ring; it is especially useful when you lose your phone at home. Trigger PC is another very useful applet that allows you to remotely turn your PC on and off (by configuring Wake On Lan). The Turn on TV applet allows you to turn on your TV via Alexa voice command if you have a Logitech Armony smart remote.

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