How To Connect An Android Phone To A Smart TV

As you should already know, mobile phones have evolved into powerful multimedia centers, fully capable of playing a wide variety of content in image and sound formats, surfing the web and accessing thousands of online entertainment services. This time we will explain how to connect an Android phone to a Smart TV .

Most, if not all, of the multimedia content viewed daily is done through these personal devices. However, modern televisions have also come a long way in providing digital content and introducing new technologies.

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Can you link an Android phone to a Smart TV?

Pair an Android phone to a Smart TV

For many people it is preferable to view their favorite content on larger screens. Bearing in mind that the smaller screens of smartphones can make this experience difficult as they will not have the best audiovisual quality.

With the need and interest to connect them to other screens of more inches, and luckily, the possibility of transferring content from an Android device to a television has emerged. Consider the different ways to do it, some of which may be of greater interest and accessibility to you than others.

In fact, you can easily watch movies on your TV downloaded from the Google Play Store. How to play on big screens, enjoy videos and photos with better resolution. For this reason, we will immediately teach you to synchronize both devices and the different functions that you have at your fingertips, be it a normal television or a Smart TV; thanks to the improvements that technology has given us over time .

Steps to connect an Android phone to a Smart TV

It should be noted that Smart TVs make the task of connecting an Android phone to a Smart TV simpler. And, as often happens, the first connections between mobile devices and televisions can be made through the use of cables that carry the video signal, among which HDMI stands out.

Although it is also possible to do it without this kind of cable or using Wi-Fi, which has significantly changed the new technological achievements, making the exchange of signals or multimedia files of a mobile phone less complicated using a local network or individual of each device. In short, this connection can also be made via USB.

1- Using Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi

To perform this action over a wireless signal, the TV must have access to the Wi-Fi network. Generally, smart TVs usually have this integrated system. Also, your phone must support this option through Miracast or similar technology.

Well, now to find out if your terminal has this function, slide as the upper notification bar is entered in the quick accessories menu. There, you should look for the option called ” Wireless Display ” or Wireless screen , ” Multi Display ” or Multiple screen, or even something that has a similar name. If detected, if you can establish this kind of connection.

Wireless Display

Now you must proceed step by step as indicated below:

  1. With the source of your TV, which is the “Source” button or the arrow and square symbol, also select the wireless displayoption .
  2. Then start the multi-screen function on your mobile phone. Once inside, the device will start looking for other people connected to the Wi-Fi network using this function. In this way,choose the TV that you have connected to the network .
  3. After both devices have been recognized, you will be able to see what your phone sees on the TV screen.

This is how you can connect an Android phone to a Smart TV device through a wi-fi connection.

2- Using an HDMI cable

Using an HDMI cable

It is supposed to be one of the simplest and most direct options for connecting the phone to the TV, which is done using a cable connected to one of the HDMI ports of the latter . You may wonder how to do this if your smartphone does not have an HDMI connector, but that is not a problem, since a mobile with this kind of serial output is not common.

However, as an alternative, you can buy some kind of external adapter. But the most usual thing is that the smartphones that have come on the market in recent years have a port that is fully compatible with the MHL standard.

It is a type of connection that could transmit uncompressed video in 1080p quality . It also allows the connected terminal to be charged by providing 5V and 500mA while transmitting video and audio. For example, using the remote control of the television to control the functionalities of the terminal.

So you just have to connect the cable to the phone and the TV through an MHL compatible port. You should also activate the external display option on the terminal by also selecting the appropriate video input on the TV if it is not activated automatically. It is very important that you make sure that your mobile phone is completely compatible and, in the same way, that you use a quality cable to prevent future problems of interference and interruptions in the sound or the image.

The only downside to this option is that with this cable it is limited by its length and you may have to get up to do something.

3- Via USB


This is one of the simplest ways to connect an Android phone to a Smart TV. Here are detailed instructions on how to do it via USB:

  1. First of all, you should google the full specifications of your device and look in the connections section to see if said device is compatible with MHL. It is good to note that practically all smartphones today have it, so the result should be positive. Also, it should be noted that this function supports connecting an Android phone to a High Definition Smart TV with HDMI interface.
  2. Next, you should check if your TV has an HDMI port compatible with MHL, since only some models have this functionality. Your TV may not support it, otherwise nothing will happen.
  3. If it supports MHL, you should have or purchase a micro USB to HDMI converter cable. Now, if your TV is not compatible with MHL, you have to buy a bridge cable or adapter between the MHL micro USB and the usual HDMI.
  4. Finally, you only have to connect the micro USB panel to your Smartphone and the HDMI connector to the TV. In this way, you will automatically see your mobile screen on the TV. So it is a very simple process.

4- Without HDMI cable

Now, if you want to connect an Android phone to a Smart TV, without having an HDMI cable, we offer you the option of using some apps that allow you to perform this kind of procedure. Since they completely facilitate the automatic connection of the phone screen with that of the television .

Usually these are applications related to videos and images, such as YouTube or an image gallery. In addition, one of the most common apps is iMediaShare , which allows you to instantly play videos and photos on the TV screen.


Regarding its operation, in this type of apps you will find a button in the upper right corner where two screens appear that connect the screen and the Wi-Fi signal. Tapping it will immediately recognize the closest Smart TV and connect immediately.

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