How to connect Alexa to Smart TV

All the convenience of managing your home TV with voice commands. With Amazon’s Alexa to be precise it also has two additional benefits. In the first instance, the expense to be incurred for its purchase is contained. Thereafter, the guaranteed compatibility is quite wide.

If support is taken for granted with the latest generation televisions, legitimate doubts can arise with older devices. But they are immediately denied as Alexa transforms old TVs into smart TVs . At least in terms of management with voice commands. Here are all the details on how to connect Alexa to Smart TV and non-certified TVs.

Samsung Smart TV, how to connect Alexa

Connecting Alexa to smart TVs does not present complexity. It is in fact a simple and quick operation. But which can have different particularities depending on the manufacturer of the TV. In the case of Samsung, for example, the benchmark is the Samsung Smart Things app. After downloading it, you need to start the Amazon Alexa app. Then press the menu button at the bottom right of the interface and easily recognizable by the three white horizontal segments. Then choose the Skills and Games menu item. Inside, press the magnifying glass icon located on the top. Then select the Samsung Smart Things skill and press the Enable button for use. At this point there is nothing left to do but log in with our Samsung account and confirm. The final step takes place in the Alexa app . Then access the menu and select first Add device, then TV and finally Samsung. Setup is complete.

Sony and LG, Alexa configuration for Smart TVs

The Alexa configuration procedure for Samsung smart TVs is not that different in the case of Sony or LG models . Even the Japanese manufacturer allows you to install a management app by pressing the Home button and selecting the App category. Then choose the TV control configuration icon with Amazon Alexa, be guided and select the Google account associated with the first configuration. After assigning a name (simple) to pronounce to manage the TV with your voice and giving the ok, follow the setup wizard required for Samsung smart TVs.

Without a doubt, the procedure for connecting Alexa to LG smart TVs is more particular . Starting with the initial action of long-pressing the Prime Video button on the remote control or until the automatic installation of the Alexa app begins. At that point, after logging in with your account account, enter the Amazon queues pagethe code that appears on the screen. The next step is the actual configuration of the TV to Alexa. First press the button with the gear icon on the remote control. Then follow the path Settings -> Connection -> Connect to devices. Then select the Amazon Alexa item. After entering your Amazon account, indicate the name to be assigned to the TV. Finally, when the procedure is completed, start giving voice commands .

Non-certified TVs, how to connect Alexa

There are two ways to connect Alexa in case we are dealing with a non-certified TV. The first is to use a Fire Stick TV . The second is to refer to a smart HUB IR .

In the first case we have to equip ourselves with this device which is nothing more than an HDMI dongle or an adapter to be connected to the HDMI port with which to make a traditional TV smart. The smart HUB IR is a device similar to a universal remote control that emits an infrared signal. Both devices allow you to use Amazon Echo to manage your TV, but also other electronic devices in your home. Let’s think, for example, of air conditioners or decoders.

The aspect to pay attention to is quite another: the configuration of the smart HUB IR. The most common route is using the manufacturer’s app. In most cases, the user only has to enter the required technical data between the model of the devices to be controlled and the network for the connection, to which the creation of an account can be added. The alternative is to configure the controller through an app specifically developed for this use, such as Broadlink. At the end of the configuration it is finally possible to control the TV by voice.

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