How to connect a keyboard to a TV

Connecting the keyboard to the TV will simplify the use of Smart TV , because it will make it much easier to surf online and search for films and TV shows that you have long wanted to watch. And if you use wireless devices, then you can even control from another room. How to do this – in the article.

Which TVs support the keyboard

You can connect third-party keyboards and mice only to Smart TV – this is not available for conventional TVs. Making a simple TV “smart” is possible thanks to a special set-top box, such as Apple TV .

To find out if it is possible to connect a keyboard, you need to carry out the following steps with the TV:

  1. Go to “Device Manager”.
  2. Find available gadgets.
  3. If the line “Keyboard settings” is visible there, it is highly likely that the TV will see the device.

The choice of an input device depends on the needs and financial capabilities of the owner of the TV: some keyboards are connected via a wire and work as a usual means for entering text, the second also replace the mouse. With the most advanced wireless keyboard models , you can control the system by voice commands.

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Connecting a wired keyboard

The easiest connection method, as in most cases the drivers are installed automatically. The only requirement when connecting a keyboard to a TV is to select a compatible model and carry out everything as indicated in the instructions.

Via USB connector

A connection method that is available to most modern keyboards and mice. For this it is enough:

  1. Insert the cable from the USB keyboard into the corresponding port on the TV. You can find out about its location after studying the data sheet of a particular model.
  2. Wait 2-3 minutes for the drivers to be installed.
  3. If everything went well, a notification will appear on the screen that the keyboard is ready for use.

Important : Even with the correct connection, the input device may work in some applications and not respond to commands in others. It depends on the year of manufacture of the keyboard, the model and the manufacturer itself.

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Using adapters

All modern TVs and set-top boxes have a USB connector, so you need adapters only if you need to connect an old keyboard without USB. To connect a device with a PS / 2 connector, you need to buy an adapter for USB connection.

If you want to connect a DIN keyboard, you first need to re-solder the cable by cutting off the DIN connector and adding a PS / 2 connector there. Only then can you purchase a YUSB adapter. There is no way to connect directly from DIN to USB or HDMI port.

If the TV has only one connector, and you need to connect the keyboard and mouse together, then you can use a USB hub. This device resembles familiar doubles and tees, only it works for USB technology: just connect the hub to a computer, and then connect the necessary devices to it. Then everything will work. as intended.

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Connecting a wireless keyboard

It is more difficult to legitimize, but also realistic. To connect a wireless keyboard to a TV, you need to do the following:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on both gadgets, as indicated in the instructions.
  2. Go to the TV settings.
  3. Go to the “System” item.
  4. Enter “Device Manager”.
  5. Go to “Add Bluetooth Device” and find the keyboard.
  6. Pair the gadgets according to the instructions that will be shown on the screen.

When you connect a keyboard and mouse with a USB dongle, the process is even easier: just insert it into the corresponding connector, and then synchronization and driver loading will take place automatically.

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Possible connection problems

Before connecting the keyboard to the TV, you need to test them for compatibility. The easiest way out is to study the registration certificate for the TV. If there is no list of recommended keyboards, it is recommended that you buy devices from the same brand as the TV itself. If the manufacturer does not manufacture keyboards, it is advisable to buy something from popular manufacturers such as 2E, HP, Lenovo and Genius – as a rule, they work with all devices.

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The rest of the connection problems are summarized in the table below.

Problem Why is happening How to solve
The TV does not want to “read” the devices of a particular brand Driver incompatibility. This is rare today as manufacturers have a vested interest in making their keyboard fit with most modern technology. Buy an input device from the same brand as your TV, or buy a generic keyboard.
New hardware is not detected Wrong model or Bluetooth is turned off (for wireless devices). It is worth rebooting the devices and connecting again. Downloading the necessary drivers will help.
Firmware upgrade At some point, the TV stops detecting a previously working keyboard. The reason lies in a hardware failure. Perform a soft reset. If it does not help, carry out a hard reset according to the instructions.
The device does not work on a specific port Physical damage to the connector is possible. Inspect the TV and keyboard for chips or torn cables. Try to connect it to another similar port or use adapters to connect to another connector.
The device does not see the keyboard This happens with some gadgets due to the incompatibility of technologies. Try to use your phone as a remote control. Dozens of similar applications are available in GooglePlay and AppStore.

Features of Samsung branded keyboard

Samsung keyboards are versatile: in addition to the fact that they work with the Smart TV of their manufacturer, they can also be used for models of other companies. The features of the keypads are as follows:

  • the gadget combines a keyboard, mouse and remote control;
  • connects to TV via Bluetooth;
  • there are “hot” buttons for quick access to settings.

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So is it possible to connect a keyboard to a TV? Yes, but only if you take into account the brand, year of manufacture and features of the device itself. Then you can choose the input device that suits your particular TV.

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