How to configure WhatsApp for use by older adults

Perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons why WhatsApp has reached the preference of millions of users in the world and remains in the place of honor. And it is only because of its versatility and the implementation of new tools that make it functional and easy to use. And that is why we are going to tell you how to configure WhatsApp so that it is used by older adults.

Although it is a very simple platform to use, it can be configured so that it can be used by older people. We must remember that the use of certain technologies are not easy to understand and use by some elderly people. In this way, thinking of all of them, WhatsApp has included a configuration that allows its use without problems.

You can see the effort made by this platform to reach everyone equally and know that there are limitations that go beyond our intellect. And since we know this, we want to put this knowledge in your hands, so that you can handle the application without any problem and know how to  remove or disable pop-up notifications.

How to configure WhatsApp for use by older adults

Before starting to explain how to configure WhatsApp for use by older adults, we recommend that you try to do this on the PC or on a Tablet. And we tell you because the screen of mobile phones , although now they can have a large dimension, they can still have problems for easy reading of the chat.

If it is not possible for you to have this platform on another device, other than on your mobile phone, then try increasing the font size. This way we will avoid that I have forced your eyes when reading the messages. This is possible to do, entering the WhatsApp settings , then you must click on the Chat option and then go to the end where you will find the Font size option.

A box will be displayed when you click on this option and you are going to select the Large option and voila, you have configured the size of the letters so that it is easier to read. Another option that we can configure and that will help the elderly a lot is to create direct access to the contacts and in this way avoid entering the application to search for the contact.

Recommendations to configure WhatsApp for use by older adults

And better yet, create a shortcut of the person or people with whom you communicate frequently and this place it on the home screen. So just by touching it you are ready to send the message and so that this can be done, we must first add a contact widget and to do this we click on a free area of ​​the screen until the option appears.

Click on widget, then click and hold on the WhatsApp chat option and this action will directly open the contacts window and here we choose the one we want to have in our direct access.

As you can see, it is very easy to do and you can add the shortcuts of the people, with whom you talk more often. Now you just have to click on the icon of the image of the person with whom you want to talk and write your message.

Another of the configurations that you can make and that is one of the most recommended, is to increase the size of the keyboard. This can become a limitation when it comes to wanting to write a message. It is not an option that is present in WhatsApp, but nothing prevents us from using an App and downloading it from the App Store or Play Store .

There are really many applications of this type and that will allow you to have a larger and easier to type keyboard. Best of all, you can buy it completely free from virtual stores. And so far we have come to this tutorial that showed you how to configure WhatsApp for use by older adults.


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