How to configure website permissions in Chrome for Android

When we browse the Internet, some websites ask us to access certain components or functions of our device in order to function correctly, as happens with application permissions , and for this Chrome integrates a website permission manager .

Next we will see we will see in detail how to view and manage each of the permissions of the websites that Chrome allows us to manage on our Android devices, in order to protect our privacy or avoid spam.

Permissions in Chrome

Every time we enter a website for the first time, or want to use any of its functions for the first time, a pop-up window may ask us for permission to access our location, microphone, camera, show notifications, etc. .. This is the first step that the user has to manage the permissions in Chrome.


How to set up safe browsing in Chrome for Android

Recently, we can ** view a website’s permissions directly from the address bar **. To do this, we just have to tap on the padlock icon to display its menu and access the Permissions section .

There we will see all the permissions of the website that we are visiting, with the possibility of accepting or rejecting their permissions or restoring all permissions. This is the fastest way to manage all the permissions for a certain website.

To see all the permissions we have to go to Chrome> Settings> Website settings . There we will see a list with each of the permissions that websites can access. So we can see which applications are accessing our location, microphone, notifications, etc …

In most of the permissions we will see a list with the blocked websites and the websites that are allowed to access said permission. By clicking on each URL we can allow, block or remove said web link. If we remove a URL, it will ask us for permission again when we access it again.

It is recommended to check website settings from time to time to see if we have mistakenly given our location, microphone or camera permission to an untrusted website, in order to block or remove their permission.

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