How to configure the security and privacy of my PC when browsing the Internet?

In general, one of the strongest decisions for all users of browsers such as Chrome and many others, is to choose between their own comfort within the use that they use their browser, or the update of the protection of their privacy.

In this post, we want to remove your doubts and the difficult decision a bit and we will teach you a method by which you can find a total and complete balance in order to continue using your browser safely and comfortably while maintaining your privacy .

Start by limiting the synchronization of most of your data

Among the great virtues of browsers such as Google Chrome , is the fact of being able to synchronize the data that you generate during your browsing , this includes bookmarks and passwords, which without a doubt I would like to avoid to have more security .

You will be able to see this reflected in the majority of devices that you come to use, however, an important fact that you can begin to take into account is the fact of preventing said synchronization from being carried out with the rest of your devices.

This is because by having all your information in a disorderly way on various devices , you will run the risk of some of it being stolen and used in a negative way.

Start encrypting the data you sync with Google

This advice is directly related to the previous point, since by encrypting most of your data, you will obtain greater security in everything you do and how you share your information . In this way you get to prevent your data from being intercepted and thus, third parties have access. Whether you want to protect your social networks in the best possible way or any other platform in which you are an active user.

The options regarding encryption can be found in the “Encryption Options” section, which you will find easily just below the synchronization option within your device.

Try to avoid Google’s support services

In general, Chrome offers different web services in order to help its users with grammar and based on this, check the spelling of all texts that are written within the browser.

Although this seems a bit harmless and you may even like it, it can involve a constant sending of information, either from your browsing or from what you write. With this and as we have been highlighting throughout the text, your privacy is affected .

To prevent this from happening, you must make some adjustments from your configuration options within Chrome.

For this, it is important that you start by accessing the “Settings” page of your Chrome browser, then click on the “Advanced Settings” link and once inside said option, begin by unlocking the rest of the options.

After having done all these steps, you should go to the Privacy and security section. There you should focus on deactivating the services that you do not need, at this point if possible deactivate them all.

Proceed to disable browser add-ons

Here you must stay within the “Content Settings” section and once there, proceed to disable all those browser add-ons, such as Flash and javascript , which are generally activated automatically in the browser.

This way you can prevent different web pages from being able to access your webcam , without your having granted said permission. Once you have completed all these settings, you can be much safer and more calm browsing the web.

However, it is never in a way that you keep your antivirus updated , in addition to taking your respective precautions when you enter any suspicious website. You should always be alert to threats that you can find on the internet and which can leak private information or damage your devices.


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