How to configure SMTP in Gmail

Gmail is a popular Google email platform, which has its own applications and web clients, but in some cases we may be interested in using our account from another type of client , either for convenience or because we have all accounts in one same side, and this will be possible thanks to the use of technologies such as SMTP.

The  SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol for sending emails . The protocol is supported by most email clients and in this guide we will teach how to use it in Google’s email service and in many others, such as those presented in this guide in which we talk about some alternatives to gmail.

How to configure Gmail SMTP

We will need to use SMTP when we want to use our Gmail email address from another client that is not one of the official Google ones, such as Outlook or Apple Mail . Most customers are already prepared to automatically configure Gmail addresses, since it  is a service that many people use. But in smaller clients or in case we need to manually configure our account for some problem or whatever reason, we will need the necessary configuration data to add our account, such as the SMTP server, the server port or the security configuration.

To configure and use our Gmail account from another client we will have to follow the following steps.

  • Enter Gmail settings
  • Once we press the little wheel, a drop-down menu will appear with quick options and a large blue button that will say “see all settings”, which we will have to press to access and activate the setting.
  • Then you have to remember to go down completely from the settings tab and click to save changesso that the changes we have made take effect.
  • Open Gmail settings:the first step to be able to use Gmail in another client will be to enable IMAP to be able to view, send and receive emails from another site. To begin, we will have to go to the Gmail website and click on the configuration wheel, located in the upper right part of the screen. This step will have to be done from the web version of Gmail from our pc browser, since from the mobile application this option will not be available.
  • Activate POP:the following will be to activate the POP protocol, which, as we mentioned above, will be necessary to be able to send emails from another application. To do this, we must go to the “Forwarding and POP / IMAP mail” tab and select the option to “Enable POP for all messages” .
  • Configure the application from which we are going to access Gmail:once we have finished configuring our Gmail account we will have to configure the mail client from which we are going to access our Gmail account. The process and the steps will depend on the application , but it is likely that at some point they will ask us for some additional information from the SMTP server, or if we do the configuration manually we will have to enter them ourselves during the process. These data are:
SMTP address:

SSL required: Yes

Requires TLS: Yes (If available)

SSL port: 465

TLS / STARTTLS port: 587

  • Apart from these data that are specific to select the server settings, we will also have to enter the identifiers of our Gmail account, such as username or password. If we do not remember the Gmail password, we can recover it through this guide.
  • In the security section, several options will appear depending on the client, among which the ideal would be to choose STARTTLS if there is support, but in case there is not always we can use TLS or SSL.

Add other accounts in Gmail with SMTP step by step

In addition to being able to use our Gmail account in other clients through SMPT , it is possible to send emails from Gmail using third-party accounts. For this we will have to have the SMTP connection data of the mail provider that we want to add and enter them in the GMAIL configuration by following the following steps:

  • We go to the Gmail configuration menu and click on Accounts and Import.
  • We look for the Send As section and click on “Add another email address”
  • A window opens where we will enter our name and the email account from which we want to send the mail via SMTP.
  • Now, a new window opens where, if the remote server allows it, we will already have the SMTP server data, otherwise we will have to enter them manually together with the user names and password. We can also select the type of security between TLS or SSL.
  • We will have our account configured, from now on we will be able to send emails from gmail using any account of other third-party services with SMTP.

An easy and simple setup

Following the previous steps, we can configure our Google email account in any client using SMTP without problems , although in most cases it will not be necessary to change the configuration of our account or configure it, since the vast majority of email clients are already adapted to Gmail given its popularity and its large number of options such as  autoresponder when we are on vacation .

It is also possible to send emails from any other third party account directly from gmail as we have seen. In addition, many of the steps indicated are very simple since the account settings are usually already configured that way by default and only on rare occasions will we need to modify any parameter.

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