How to configure APN for Digitel data service

It often happens that when you have a new cell phone or you have just changed companies, it turns out that you cannot connect to the internet and you have no idea what the reason is. If so, don’t worry, as we are going to show you how to configure your Digitel APN .

The reason why this happens is because the APN of your device is not configured, and the APN tells your device which is the virtual path it must travel to be able to connect to the internet.

Of course, the operators each have their own. In such a way that, before calling the help center of your telephone company, you may want to spend a few minutes reviewing the configuration menu of your terminal, since by yourself you could solve the problem you have.

It doesn’t take a hacker to know that not all operating systems work the same way. What we want to tell you is that Android works one way and iPhone works another.

The acronym APN in English stands for Access Point Name, which translated means Name of an access point . Said access point must be configured so that the device can connect to the internet through the operator’s networks and be capable of receiving and sending multimedia messages.

Digitel is one of the most important mobile phone companies in all of Venezuela . It has different plans for you to access internet browsing.

In addition, Digitel has very good alternatives that include plans and services that can be activated by you, which gives you a lot of freedom in this regard. While it is true that its signal is not the best in all of Venezuela, it would certainly be worth a try.


  • APN configuration for Digitel according to Android.
  • APN settings for iPhone.
  • What can you do if you run out of megabytes?

APN configuration for Digitel according to Android.

  1. First step: you have to activate your data package, like this: Settings >>> Data Usage >>> Mobile Data.
  2. Second step:Enter this address: Settings >>> Data Usage >>> Mobile Data >>> Access point names.
  3. Third step: Go to the upper right corner and you will find three small dots placed vertically. Enter there and in the options you see, choose the one that says “New APN”.
  4. Step four: complete the new one shown to you

Name : Internet Digitel


Proxy / Port / User / Password / Server / MMSC / MMS Proxy : leave everything as is.

MCC : 734

MNC : 02

Authentication and APN type : leave everything as is.

APN / Roaming Protocol : IPv4

  1. Fifth step : you must save all the settings you made and go on to check that it is now possible to connect to the web.

APN settings for iPhone.

  1. First step: you must proceed to the activation of the mobile data of your electronic device following this route: Settings >>> Mobile data >>> Options >>> mobile data.
  2. Second step: Then enter Settings >>> Mobile data >>> Options >>> Mobile data network.
  3. Third step: you must enter Options and enter a new APN profile by filling in the access point The username, password and other fields do not need to be touched.
  4. Fourth step:Finally, proceed to save the changes you made and now try to verify if you can connect to the internet .

What can you do if you run out of megabytes?

First of all, do not despair, since Digitel has a program especially for this called Radi-Call Plus , with which you can navigate your company’s networks adjusting to what you need. Such as: email, various apps, social networks , photos, videos and more.

This plan does not imply the payment of a monthly payment but of a modest maintenance fee. Another option is the package of 500 megabytes of mobile internet with which you can navigate to 4G LTE.


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