How to configure an Ethernet network in Windows 7

Setting up an Ethernet network in W7 is not an easy task, so we will show you below all the information you need to have a faster Internet .

In the following paragraphs, you will learn a guide to setting up a wired connection for your home internet to fly on W7. But this is not all, we will explain how you should carry out the wiring and verify that you have updated the drivers .

Finally, we will show you if Ethernet or WiFi is better and which one you should choose to play online or place the router several meters from your device. Let’s get started.


 Learn step by step how to configure an Ethernet connection for the Internet to fly in Windows 7

A computer network is made up of different devices connected to each other. This connection can be wireless or wired to allow computers to communicate with each other and with other networks. A wired network is also known as a LAN or Local Area Network or Ethernet. It bears this last name because a special cable called Ethernet is used to connect the nodes (elements that make up a network) . In addition, these cables are connected to ports (on computers) that also share the same name.

From all this it emerges that for a computer, whether in an office or belonging to a home, to access the Internet, it is necessary to connect, at least, the PC with the router through the Ethernet cable. In this way it is possible to transmit the request data to the router and then what it returns (after communicating with the web page post) through the cables at a fairly high speed.

To configure a network or Ethernet connection between a Windows 7 device with a router and thus obtain incredible speed, you need to follow these steps:

 Do all the wiring

The first thing you will have to do is plan the places where the router and your computer will be. For the router, you should keep in mind that it has to be located as close as possible to the fiber optic or ADSL cable input that your Internet operator gave you.

Next, you must place the PC in a comfortable place, regardless of whether or not it is near the router , but you must take into account that the area has access to electrical current. When you have everything decided, you are going to install both components and then wire the sections using Ethernet . If you wish, you can buy the standard RJ-45 cable and a special clamp to connect the Ethernet tabs at each end, or go to the store you trust and buy the length of cable you need with the connectors already installed .

 Verify that you have updated all the drivers

The drivers are programs or drivers that are used for the hardware, in this case a network card, is compatible with the operating system. If for some reason they are not updated , an error will occur and your device will not connect with the network you are creating. To verify this you will have to access the Computer Manager tool from the Windows Control Panel .

 Enter Team Manager

Once you have everything installed you will have to turn on your Windows 7 computer and go to the Control Panel . You do not know how to enter, do not worry, you just have to click on the Start button and write the name of the tool. Next, you must select the application that appears as a result. After this you will have to go to the Team Manager function , then you must click on the arrow (located at the end of the name) so that the menu is displayed and you can choose System Tools .

When you click on Device Manager you will be able to see all the hardware that you have connected in Windows 7 , especially those that are linked to the motherboard. If you find a driver with a warning , it means that it is not up to date, so you will have to right click and select the Update driver option.

This step will also help you to know if you have the network card installed , you will find it with the NIC name and the brand of your provider . If you do not have this option, you will not be able to carry out the Ethernet connection , unless you manually add this type of board to the motherboard.

 Enable automatic network discovery

What you should do now is enter the Network and Internet option from the Control Panel , then you must select the tool Choose home group and sharing options . A window called Home group settings will open in which you will have to click on Choose home group and sharing options . Next, you will need to click Change advanced sharing settings and turn on network discovery. This will make Windows 7 find the available networks.

 Customize sharing options

Once the Ethernet network has been detected, you must choose whether or not you want to share the folders and files with other computers that you can install in the future.

For this you will have to follow this guide: 

  • Goto the Start menu and click on Computer .
  • Selecta folder that you can share with other computers .
  • Right clickand choose Share with… .
  • Then chooseone of the options Homegroup (reading) , Homegroup (reading and writing) or Specific users .

 Ethernet vs WiFi What is the best and fastest Internet connection I can use?

As we told you at the beginning, there are two ways to create a network , one is wireless and the other through wiring. That is, it is possible to connect to the Internet through WiFi or an Ethernet cable, but which  is faster? It is a question that we will answer below. The great advantage of WiFi is that you will not need to carry out any type of wiring and you will be able to move your computer anywhere without having to do a previous installation. 


But the biggest problem with this type of network is the interference that may be in the signal that goes from the router to the PC , which is not the case with Ethernet. Regarding data transmission, it has been shown that the stability of the signal is very high by cable, since it does not transmit its signal by radio frequency, as WiFi networks do. So you can turn on any type of appliance and it will not alter the frequency. In turn, if you want to locate the router 100 meters from the computer, you will have no problem.

However, WiFi is unlikely to transmit data with the same performance. On the other hand, an Ethernet network is more secure , since no neighbor can decrypt the access key to the router. Finally, if you are one of those people who like to play online, you will have to know that according to each category of cable you use (CAT5e and CAT6, among others) you can have a browsing speed of between 1 to 10 Gigabit, much higher than the average 50 to 60 Mbps of a WiFi.

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