How to configure Akismet to avoid comment spam in WordPress

In the article that we will see next, we are going to show you how to configure Akismet to avoid comment spam in WordPress in an extremely simple and fast way.

Spam comments in WordPress is something of every day and if you do not have a plugin that is responsible for filtering them it can become a real nightmare and a security problem . Not to mention that if they are published it can harm our blog in the face of Google and in this way we would lose many visits.

That is why it is important to have a plugin that is in charge of filtering any spam comments and without a doubt, one of the best for such work is Akismet. We are going to see a little below how we should configure it so that it begins to protect the comments of our WordPress.

Configure Akismet to prevent spam in WordPress

  • The first thing you will have to do is install Akismet on your WordPress, this can be done from Plugins> Add new and typing “Akismet” in the search bar. It is quick and easy to do.
  • In order to start using Akismet you will need a code called API Key which is quite easy to get and is free, so for this matter we should not have problems.
  • Once it is activated, a message should appear at the top of WordPress with a blue button that will say “Activate your Akismet account.”
  • On this screen you will have to enter the code that we talked about earlier. For this you will have to click on “Get your API key”.
  • It sends us to a new page where we will have to click on “Get an Akismet API Key”.
  • Here we will have to register an account at , since it is integrated into it. It’s quite easy and fast to create an account here so it shouldn’t take too long.

How to avoid spam in WordPress with Akismet

After this we will have to choose the subscription plan we want. You can choose the basic one that is free and works wonderfully for what we want. Just click on ” Get Started” to start.

On the next screen you will be asked for a small donation which is optional. In case you don’t want to donate anything at all, you will simply have to slide the bar on the right side under “What is Akismet worth to you” to the left side.

In this way, it will not ask you to enter payment information. Only your name and surname to continue. Once entered, click on “Continue”.

A window will appear with the code we need, it is important that you copy this code and save it , since it is the one that we must enter in Akismet. Likewise, if you click on “A utomatically knows your Akismet API Key” you will be sent to your blog and it will be activated automatically.

If you want to do it manually. Simply go to your admin panel in WordPress and enter the Akismet section Add the code you copied earlier and you’re done. In this way you will already have the anti-spam filter activated in the comments of your blog.

How do we know if Akismet filters spam?

From the left side bar of the screen you can access the comments section. Once you are here you have to look at the options that appear above the comments, one of them says “Spam” .

Here they are stored all the comments that are considered spam Why are stored? Because on many occasions some comments from our users may end in this place.

To indicate that it is not spam you will simply have to click on the button ” It is not spam “ which is located below each individual comment and in this way it will be removed from the spam filter and will appear published on the blog.

In the same way, you can mark comments that you consider spam whenever you want. You will simply have to go to the “All” or “Pending” tab and then click on the “Spam” option in the individual comment.


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