How to configure AirTags

They are already here. The new AirTags, which in Applesfera we have already analyzed , coinciding with the reservation of new products today at 2:00 p.m. (CEST), are beginning to arrive if we were among the first to reserve them last Friday and are already available to buy in the company stores. A device with a very simple and fast configuration , let’s see how to carry it out.

Just like setting up AirPods, one touch and you’re done

Apple already has us used to configurations and links so simple that they are limited to touching a single button. The case of the AirTag is exactly the same, although there are a couple of details to take into account . Once we have removed the AirTag from the box there is an individual plastic wrap that we must remove.

Here it is important, if we have bought more than one AirTag, that we remove it individually, because the moment we do so, the battery connects and the AirTag starts the linking process. In order to know which AirTag we are connecting at all times, it is important that we go one by one. Have we already removed all the plastics? Well, nothing, we move to another room with only one AirTag at a time and we link them there.

Once the AirTag is without the plastic cover and near our iPhone we will see a dialog box appear where we will touch Connect . After completing this step, we will choose from the options offered the name that we want to assign to the AirTag in question. The list includes suggestions such as key chain, bicycle, travel bag, jacket, purse, etc. Here we can choose the Custom name option to, for example, enter the same emoji as in the AirTag engraving or assign the name that suits us best. If we do it like this, in the next step we will choose, as seen in the image below, the emoji with which we want to represent it. Then we play Continue .

And we come to the last step: link the AirTag with our Apple ID . A simple tap on Continue will complete the process. Let’s make sure, if we use more than one ID, that we have the one we want to use with the AirTags started.

Nothing else: unwrap, Connect , name and Continue . The system will now show us a brief summary of what we can do with this AirTag that we will close with the Close button . Once the AirTag is already configured by following these steps, we can place it on the object that we want to be able to locate and open the Search app to ask it to emit a sound, mark its location on a map or guide us with millimeter precision to its location exact, ideal for those keys that can sometimes be too elusive .


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The truth is that it is a very simple and intuitive process. Something that, as we have already said, we see in the rest of the company’s accessories and that is really appreciated. A process that undoubtedly requires considerable dedication both from the hardware point of view and from the software point of view and in their relationship between the two.


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