How to configure a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router?

It turns out that there are certain configurations that we must make so that our computer and the different programs that I use work correctly. But we have no idea what a router is, much less what IP means. So that you do not pull your hair, or seek the assistance of a technician, we present the following tutorial that will help you   configure a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router.

Is that there is software that asks you for the IP address, so that they can work correctly or perform a specific function. But it turns out that for reasons you don’t know this address has been changed from your computer. It is then where we must carry out this simple operation that will allow you to   configure a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router.

Do not stress more, or seek help from another person, through this article we will help you solve this problem. Just as we did in the tutorial that I showed you how to configure the security and privacy of my PC when browsing the internet.

How to configure a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router?

Before telling you what you should do to configure a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router . We will clear the two unknowns that you have, the first is about the IP address and this is nothing more than a series of numbers with which our connection to the network is identified. And this address usually changes and is known as dynamic IP.

The sites we visit on the internet need to have a fixed or static IP address , on the other hand the Router is simply the device that is responsible for connecting to an internet network, our computer. And it is in this device where we are going to configure the IP address and this is constant or fixed.

Now, so that the Router can assign a static IP address is by associating it with the Mac address of the PC’s network card. This unlike the IP address does not change, it is unique and in order to know what the Mac address is, we will tell you what you must do according to the operating system you have.

If your computer runs Windows, you should go to the control panel, then to the network and sharing center. Now you are looking for the Active networks section and we click on the one that we are connected to. This action will generate a box and we will click on Details, there we will find the physical address and this is the Mac address.

If we have an OS X device, we will follow this route Apple, then select System Preferences. Followed by this Networks and then we choose the network card, done this we are going to select the Advanced option, in this section we will get the Mac address. Ready, now we will configure the static IP address in our Router.

Configuration of the static IP address to our Router

After having obtained the Mac address of our device, we will   configure a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router. To do this, we go to the browser that we use and we will enter the IP address of the Router. Here we are going to look for the DHCP configuration section, this is normally found in the configuration options of the LAN network.

Being already in the DHCP configuration, the first thing we must observe is the ranges that our Router assigns to the IP addresses. It is preferable to assign a static IP address that is outside these ranges, but it may happen that some models have problems with this and we will then have to use a value that is in this range.

Now we just have to look for the option Reserve IP addresses , while there we are going to click Add or New. And now we will enter the IP address of our presence and also the Mac address. Ready we will have configured a fixed or static IP to a computer from the Router.


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