How to configure a Discord server for virtual classes?

DISCORD is the top of communications on the internet , groups, text messages, servers, among others. It has a very good audio quality. This application is created from a need, that is, to communicate online with people from all over the world. It was created for gamers or community games.

We must be very careful with gamer communities and gamer toxicity in video games . Knowing how to choose the game without much toxicity will help your mind and body. Do not become addicted to the game, although if it is in your blood it will be very difficult not to.

If you haven’t used Discord yet and want to start using it with a content creator . It is an incredible way to have an administration of what you want, that is, a server of your community. It also has a category where you can create text or audio channels.

On this server every day more members are added and on your Discord home screen you can start to welcome it. Discord also has a series of rules , gaming, memazos, transmitting Facebook Gaming , conferences, doubts about ndi and youtube stream, other streams among others.

Change or put the option to play on Discord in your custom state

The first thing you should do is download the browser called yandex browser (beta). Once downloaded simply, you go to the browser and search for “Google extensions” ; the first page that should appear will be the chrome web store, we click to enter the page.

Already inside the page we look for the search engine “serch the store” and we enter “set discord activity, press search. Immediately, the section of set discord activity will appear on the screen and then we add, later we must go to the page and add it in desktop version.

Then we go to the three lines located in the upper right part of the screen, we click on the three lines. Later a new screen will appear and you must locate the Add Discord box in the browser.

Finally, it will send us to start a section to our Discord account. Upon entering we must locate the three lines, click on them and together looking for the extensions box, press on that box, the set discord activity box will be displayed on the screen , that is, the extension that we downloaded previously.

Continuing we give custom and under the custom box we have the playing box and thus in this way we place a popular game, any and so very easy it will appear and you can put or change the game.

Customize your status on Discord easily

In our Discord profile, you will find the option to set status, it has a series of icons such as connected, absent, do not disturb, invisible and verified youtuber and custom status. By clicking on custom status, you can immediately start placing your new status and also choose emoticons of your choice.

You also have the options of not deleting , deleting in 30 minutes, deleting now and deleting tomorrow. And immediately in this easy and fast way the people in the group can see your new status.

 How to configure a Discord server for virtual classes?

Once a Discord account has been created on the main screen , click on add or create a new Discord server, click on create and put the name you want or have in mind.

In server settings we have the roles icon , which helps us to create a new teacher role for their virtual classes, we can also modify the color and that the role is shown separately from the others, we end up saving the changes made.

In the servers you can add a profile photo , adding the one of your preference or related to your virtual class, we go to server settings and click on the change photo icon to apply.

This server is one of the most used today, it is a safe and easy server. Very few times it presents an error or that the server does not open us . Little by little the server is updated and the creator will eliminate and improve the errors presented.


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