How to compress heavy videos on WhatsApp

With WhatsApp it is possible to record an audio, listen to it before and send it later , but we can also access the video functions. Therefore, through the following guide you will learn how to compress a heavy video file to send via WhatsApp without problems , if you want to reduce its weight even more.

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  1. Why should I use a video compressor for WhatsApp?
  2. Is it necessary to compress a heavy video to send it by WhatsApp?
  3. Tools to compress and send videos by WhatsApp
    1. Video Compressor
    2. Media Converter
  4. Use HandBrake to reduce the size of a WhatsApp video
    1. Configure HandBrake to send videos by WhatsApp part one
    2. Configure HandBrake to send video by WhatsApp part two
  5. How can I compress a video file online to send it by WhatsApp

Why should I use a video compressor for WhatsApp?

As you already know, the WhatsApp platform has become today the most used tool for sending text messages, voice notes, Stickers and videos . But it turns out that in the case of videos, they can become very heavy, due to the length or quality of said video.

This may mean that when sending the video to a contact, this procedure has a very long execution time. And this can be one of the main reasons to use a compressor. Since in this way we reduce the shipping time without losing quality , we can also have different tools that allow us to compress our videos.

Is it necessary to compress a heavy video to send it by WhatsApp?

Before starting the process, it is fair to ask yourself whether it is necessary to compress a video to send it by WhatsApp. The truth is that in most cases it is not necessary to compress a video with external tools.

In fact, WhatsApp converts the videos and reduces their size to a great extent. In most cases, it is not necessary to use any program to compress the videos. Anyway, if your connection is very slow or you really want to save space or simply reduce the size of the video, in addition to cleaning WhatsApp and freeing up space , you can also use a program to reduce the weight of the video.

Tools to compress and send videos by WhatsApp

As we already mentioned in the market there are a large number of video compressors, some of excellent quality and others not so good. Some that you can use from your personal computer and others from your mobile device. But you will also get tools that offer you their fabulous advantages totally free and others will have to make a payment to use it.

Here are some very good options that can perfectly cover what you are looking for in a video compressor for WhatsApp . And you will have the last word in choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Video Compressor

If you are using a mobile phone that works with the Android operating system, we have an excellent option for you. And it’s about the Video Compressor application . Which you can download completely free from Google’s virtual store, the Play Store. Compressing your videos is very simple with this application and we will show you how to do it.

Once you download and install it on your device, you can open it so that you can start using it. The next step is to click on the ‘ Select from folder ‘ option to find the video to compress. This action will allow the gallery where your videos are to be opened on your smartphone and they will show the weight of each file.

You must select the file and now you will see a window on the screen where you are shown different options. But in our particular case you must click on the option ‘ Compress Video ‘ now the video qualities are shown on the screens. In this section you can choose with which video quality you want it to be compressed.

Finally there are other options such as ‘Resolution’ and ‘Bit rate’ which you can adjust to the values ​​you want. And then press the option ‘ Compress video ‘ and now you just have to wait for the process to finish.

Media Converter

Now it’s your turn to talk about Media Converter, a video converter for Windows computers. Which supports a large number of video formats , in addition its interface is very simple and intuitive and it will be very easy for you to convert your heavy videos and then send them in a short time to your WhatsApp contacts.

Use HandBrake to reduce the size of a WhatsApp video

HandBrake is one of the best video conversion applications out there , it usually performs high quality conversions and is essential to reduce the size of videos at a professional level.

Configure HandBrake to send videos by WhatsApp part one

  • The first thing to do is download HandBrake if you don’t have it, then proceed to open the application. When you do this, you will see that the message “ Or drop a file or folder here” is displayed which could be translated as “ Drag a file or folder here ”.
  • As the notice indicates, simply drag the video you want to reduce the size to.
  • Once you have done this, it is time to start configuring HandBrake to do the conversion.
  • First of all, in the ” Summary” tab it is important that you realize that ” MP4 ” is selected in the format section. It is very relevant, since this is the most recommended format for WhatsApp.
  • In the ” Dimensions” section you can change the resolution, although in most cases this is not recommended. Still, if you want to make a change, focus on ” Height .” Anyway, once you make a change, look at “ Display Size ” and set “ Width ” according to what is shown there, so the video will keep the same aspect ratio.
  • Go to the ” Video” section, here you should look for ” Video Codec ” that you should set to ” 264 “. On the other hand, the “ Framerate ” is recommended to be left in “ Same as source ” (same as the source). Even so, it does not hurt to know the video formats that are most used in WhatsApp if you want to use another.
  • Also in the video section, it will be necessary to configure the conversion ranges. To do this, go to “ Quality” and select the option “ Avg Bitrate ”. If you really want to compress the video, you can set it to 500 kbps, although this will depend on you, in any case, remember that in WhatsApp the bitrate usually varies between 900 kB / s and 1800 kB / s.

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Configure HandBrake to send video by WhatsApp part two

  • Now go to the ” Audio” section, here the only recommended change is the Bitrate, which we recommend setting to ” 128 “, for an optimal balance between weight and quality. If you want to remove the audio, just click on the X on the right.
  • Now you will need to choose the folder where the file will be saved. Just go to the bottom right and click on “ Browse”. By clicking on this button, you must choose the folder and the name that you will give the file, click on ” Save “.
  • Once you have made all the previous configurations, go to the upper section where the ” Start Encode” option is displayed , click on it and wait until the process is finished.

On the other hand, if the program shown before is too complicated for you, there is always the possibility of downloading and installing Format Factory to convert videos , another decent software for this task.

How can I compress a video file online to send it by WhatsApp

If in your case you do not want to download any application on your device to compress videos, do not worry there is also an option for you. And it is an online tool with which you will be able to compress heavy videos and then send them via WhatsApp . Although we have to make the exception that as with the App, there are many online compressors.

To begin we will talk about File 2 Zip, a great online option that will not ask you to register or download . You just go in, you are looking for the video to compress and already so easy and practical it is the best tool you can use. Another very good option is undoubtedly Clipchamp, an online platform that already has more than 3 million users.

Who recommend using this compressor that allows them to perform high-quality work, your WhatsApp contacts will thank you. And last, but not because of its quality, we recommend Video Online Convert . A very simple to use platform, but very powerful with which not only will it allow you to convert videos, it also allows you to convert audios, books, documents, etc

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