How to collect all the roosters in Far Cry 6

Detailed Guide to Positioning All Roosters in Far Cry 6

While playing Far Cry 6, you can get 19 different roosters. When you find everyone, you will receive the achievement “Kukarekrut”. However, for the achievement itself, you need to find 13 roosters, since the remaining six are given out as a reward for connecting to Ubisoft Connect and playing online. You don’t need the latter.

Roosters are collectibles of sorts that will come in handy in cockfighting arenas. The latter is located on the Montero farm, in the main camp of the Madrugada region. You can choose any of the found roosters to fight in battles. In the corresponding section in the arena, you can view tips that indicate where to look for a particular bird. By default, there are no markers on the map, but if you sign in and connect to your Ubisoft account, you will receive 300 Far Cry Credits upon exiting Libertad Island, which you can use to purchase an in-game map that has all the roosters marked.

As you approach the location of the roosters, white box markers will appear on the minimap. All the roosters are hidden inside wooden boxes, which depict a rooster. You can’t miss a single cock! They can also be found at the end of the storyline. You can find out which roosters were found in the collectibles section. Two roosters are associated with side quests (Yaransk stories), but the rest can be found in the public domain at any time. To begin with, I recommend clearing the map of all anti-aircraft guns so that you can move over Yara by helicopter.

Madrugada (Western Region)

Rooster # 1: El Rato

At Montero Farm, in the main camp of the Madrugada region, there is the first rooster hidden inside a chest near the cockfighting arena. If you talk to a man who is a cockfighting manager, he will even ask you to lift this box himself.

Rooster # 2: El Dorado

Can only be obtained by completing or completing the “Spur over Spur” Yaransk story. The task can be taken from the guy who is located near the cockfighting arena in the Montero camp. After that, on the quest, you should go to the underground bunker, where there is a wooden box with a rooster. The bunker can only be opened if the quest “Spur over Spurs” has been accepted. It will remain open after the completion of this quest. Without a quest, you will not have a key to the bunker, so you will not be able to get inside. The path inside the bunker is straightforward, so it’s hard to miss the rooster. Listen to its sound.

Rooster # 3: Akero

Look next to a thatched hut on the eastern edge of Werder.

Rooster # 4: El Aguila

Look along the cliff near the Cortina River in the Serpentino Park. It is located at the top of a mountain in the Costa del Mar. The easiest option is to go up there by helicopter or land on a wingsuit.

Valle de Oro (Central Region)

Rooster # 5: Papasito

Look for the thatched coop in Castillo National Park.

Rooster # 6: El Pico

Search the chicken farm south of the Yara Botanical Garden. In the yard with a dead pig, behind the blue house.

Rooster # 7: El Phoenix

Located under a covered stable in a gated community west of Merthe Point.

Rooster # 8: La Muerte Negra

Search the paddocks at the ranch on the western outskirts of the Segunda.

El Este (Eastern Region)

Rooster # 9: El Juevo

Search the local PDP offices at the summit of Cape Mirador. In enemy territory, you need to climb onto the roof (use the hook on the corner of the building). An alternative option is to shoot at the castle, blocking the path to the fenced area inside the building.

Rooster # 10: El Gallo Magnifico

You will receive this rooster automatically during the Yaransk story “There is something to lose”. Cannot be obtained outside of this quest. You will need to help residents of four households. And in one of these places you will be asked to pick up the rooster.

Rooster # 11: Hermoso

Search the paddocks at Bonilla Farm on the western edge of Savannah Fields.

Rooster # 12: La Bala de Plata

Search the farm for Alvarez, guarded by Reinaldo. This is on the Vasia coast. The box stands on the cart and merges with the leaves. Not to be confused with the rooster that you do side quests with for Reinaldo and which will eventually become your new amigo.

Esperanza (northern region)

Rooster # 13: La Bestia Blanca

Search the interior of the Casa del Lodo in Esperanza. The rooster is in the same house as the “Leaving last” cache marker.

Roosters # 14- # 19: Yara’s Mercenary Birds

The last six cocks are part of the Ubisoft Connect connectivity awards. You need to link your Ubisoft account and play online. They are not needed for the Kukarekrut trophy.

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