How to close Metro apps in Windows 8

A few days ago, we saw how to shut down or restart Windows 8. Today, we will learn about something as simple as shutting down Metro apps in Windows 8.

It’s Windows 8! In open Metro apps, you won’t see the little “x” button that lets you close the app. Also, you will not be able to right-click on the taskbar thumbnail and select Close, as you would on the Windows 7 desktop. In fact, you no longer need to close applications to continue working on other applications or programs. This is because Metro style apps are not designed to close. The operating system makes sure that applications do not automatically consume background resources by putting them into suspend mode.

Windows 8 pauses applications to avoid resource usage when they are inactive, because it is programmed to automatically shut down applications after a period of inactivity in that application, or close it if resources are insufficient. In this case, the application that you have NOT used for most of the time will be automatically closed to make room for the new application that you opened.

Basically what happens is that the Windows scheduler does not include it in the CPU scheduling, with the result that the application is not using the CPU. In this suspended state, the apps will instantly be ready for you to return to them. When you switch to a paused app, it instantly resumes and takes you back to where you left off. This allows you to switch between more applications faster than ever before on Windows. You no longer need to worry about how many applications are running on your Windows 8 PC.

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Close Windows 8 Apps

However, if and when you want to close an open Metro app in Windows 8, you need to move your mouse cursor to the top of the computer screen, drag and hold the top edge of the app, and drag it down to the bottom edge, an action similar to throwing something. down to the bottom edge.

This can be a little awkward when using a mouse. But on a touch device, you just have to touch and hold the top edge and slide your finger down to “throw away” or close the app. This will close the application.

Alternatively, if you are using a non-touch device and are using a mouse, you may find it more convenient to close applications using the Switch List pane . To do this, move your cursor to the upper left corner (or press Win + Tab), right-click the thumbnail of the application you want to close, and select Close.

On the desktop, Alt + F4 can bring up the Shut Down Windows window, but in Metro UI, if you use Alt + F4 , applications will close in most cases.

If you notice in the task manager that after closing the application in this way, the process does not end instantly, but you will see the processor drop, and when it touches 0, you will see the application exit.

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