How To Clear WhatsApp Cache On Android

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do before getting out of bed is checking social media or direct messaging platforms. And specifically, we look for what our WhatsApp contacts have placed in their states.

But also to see if we have received messages or voice notes . This may be our daily routine, but what happens if this application starts to fail, that is why below we will tell you how to delete and clean the WhatsApp cache memory to free up space on mobile devices.

WhatsApp is an application that allows us to receive a large amount of information, such as text messages, voice messages, Stickers, videos, files, etc. And it is possible that when you want to view them, the messaging is working slow or you do not want to download the content. This, believe it or not, is very common and has a simple solution.

It is very likely that the problem presented by the application has to do with the cache memory, in which it is necessary to clean it, to free up space. If you think that this is a difficult procedure to perform, we will tell you that it is the opposite. And in this tutorial we will explain the step by step to erase or clear the WhatsApp cache memory on Android or iPhone.


  • What is cache memory
  • Steps to clear the WhatsApp cache on Android
  • Steps to clear WhatsApp cache memory on iOS

What is cache memory

But first it will be necessary for you to know and understand what cache memory is and why it is so important to clean it or erase its content. This is a procedure that is performed on many other applications and is not exclusive to WhatsApp. Therefore, you can clean and delete the cache on Instagram , so that it recovers space and works normally.

So the cache is a space where applications can save temporary files . This in order not to reload files from the application, consuming resources and time. Therefore this memory can become full of these types of files, which would cause the application to hang or work very slowly.

Therefore, one of the solutions that can be applied so that the application returns to its usual speed and the new files that arrive daily can be downloaded. It is clearing or clearing the WhatsApp cache memory and in order to do so, you just have to follow these simple steps.

Steps to clear the WhatsApp cache on Android

Next we will show you the steps to clear the WhatsApp cache, which will be a general route. Since these steps may vary a bit depending on the model or brand of the Android device you use. To start you must enter the Settings “of the phone and then you will find and select the option” Applications “.

This action will show you in a window a list of all those applications that you have installed on your mobile device. In our case we must search for and select WhatsApp , the next step is to click on the “Storage” option. Being in its window we will see various data related to the application, as well as options to delete data.

In our specific case you must click on the option “Empty cache memory”  this action will be performed very quickly. Now we will only have to enter WhatsApp to enjoy its great functions again.

Steps to clear WhatsApp cache memory on iOS

In the case of mobile devices that work with the iOS operating system, there is a serious problem and that is that it is not possible to erase the WhatsApp cache memory of the application. If we decide to enter the mobile settings and then select “Data and storage”, we will see two options “Storage use” and “Data use”.

As you can see there is no option that allows us to clear the cache, but we can try something to solve the problem of slowness. And it is none other than updating WhatsApp in the case of a new version of the application. Or, failing that, make a backup copy and uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it.

And so ends this interesting article that could teach you what you should do to erase or clear the WhatsApp cache memory to free up space on Android or iPhone.


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