How to clear cache on mac

How to clear cache on mac.We usually make use of our personal computers without suspecting that each download or visit we make to a web page, leaves us something in it. This could eventually cause the computer to run slower or we simply won’t have more storage space. But for this situation to improve, we can apply a resource that you may not know about. And then we will explain How to clear cache on mac.

Something very similar is usually done on mobile devices when their applications work very slow, clearing or clearing their cache . This is an activity to which we must pay special attention, since this will allow a large amount of memory to be recovered. Which is occupied by files that do nothing, only occupy necessary space.

Personal computers such as Macs allow through their various functions to access these temporary files or cache and delete them . We can do the same in applications such as Instagram from the mobile to clear its cache memory . So let’s see then what steps we must follow in order to free up memory space.


  • Why is it necessary to delete temporary files or cache
  • Steps to clear temporary files or cache on Mac

Why is it necessary to delete temporary files or cache

As we already mentioned in the introduction to the article, temporary files could be treated as junk files that are installed in the memory of our PC. It does this every time we enter a website, recording a record of the website we visit. But it is also possible that programs for different purposes are installed.

But this registry could be the main object of Cybercriminals who want to obtain private information from our accounts. And here lies one of the main reasons why it is necessary for users to perform periodic cleanings of temporary files.  Although it is also necessary to be able to free up spaces that these files are occupying.

It is important that you know that the RAM memory of our personal computer will be affected by the accumulation of temporary files that are stored. Therefore, it will also be necessary to delete them in order to enjoy optimal performance of the personal computer. Now let’s see without further ado what we should do to delete temporary files on Mac.

Steps;how to clear cache on mac

Next we will tell you how you should proceed to be able to delete the temporary files or cache on Mac. But before starting it is important that you make a backup or backup of your most relevant data. In the case of course that a problem occurs during the process and sensitive information for you is lost.

Once this warning has been made, we can start and the first step will consist of not having any application open on the PC while we carry out this operation. Now we just have to press on the Alt key and select the “Go” tab. This action will display a menu of options and from which we will select the option “Library”.

A window with a large number of folders will now be displayed on the screen and in our case we must search for and select the one called “Caches”.   The next step is to double click on this folder to show us the elements that are contained there. In this way we can make the choice of our preference, we advise you to choose them all.

The next step is to click on the tab with the pinion icon, now a menu of options will be displayed and we will choose the option “Move to the trash can”. Next we are going to press the Ctrl key and then click on the trash can. This action will generate a menu from which you will select the Empty trash option and in this way the temporary files or cache will be eliminated.

And in this simple and uncomplicated way we have carried out a task that seemed very difficult at first. But first we must clarify that the steps described here were performed on an Apple MacOS Catalina . And so ends the tutorial that taught you how to delete temporary files or cache on Mac to free up space

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