How to Clear Full YouTube History on TV and PC

One of the most important platforms in the world, it is YouTube , which today has become the most important virtual space for videos in the world, and is even on the list of the most used social networks in 2020 , since it has revolutionized the web with the millions of users who daily access its website to enjoy the best videos in the world.

Within the platform, we can find a large amount of content, which we see daily and share with our friends, however, the platform has various tools, among which we can highlight its history, in which all the videos are stored that we have seen and the time in which we have left them.

This may seem controversial to you, since many users do not want this information to be shared or seen by other people, for this reason, many choose to delete said records and thus be much more relaxed with the use of the application .

However, what many do not know is the fact that this information can be deleted from any platform, whether on the pc, your mobile device and even on the tv. Learn much more about it in this post.

Clearing YouTube history on PC

Regardless of the device on which you are, the way in which this platform is accessed is similar in all of them, so it is likely that you are familiar with YouTube’s operating system from a PC , for this reason to erase the history YouTube from your computer you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Start by opening your browser and entering YouTube, then log in, proceed to the menu , which you can distinguish by being a tab with 3 lines, when you open it, you will see an option that says ” History ” and there you can see all the videos and the complete content that you have viewed within the YouTube platform
  • There you will see the button «Delete all history», press it and with it everything you have saved within the platform will be deleted, and voila, everything will be deleted forever

How to clear YouTube history on TV

You can not only access the YouTube platform from your phone, but you can also enter with your television, which is one of the most used options to use, due to the ease of viewing and comfort that it provides you You are on this team and you want to delete YouTube history, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Start by entering YouTube through your television, after that, proceed to select the icon that is in the shape of a magnifying glass and press the “delete history” button
  • And voila, everything you have visualized will have been eliminated immediately

Clearing YouTube history from your mobile

One of the simplest ways with which you can delete all the history of your YouTube account is through your mobile phone , since with it you can access the mobile application which greatly facilitates this task, if you want to know more about this, you just have to follow the following instructions.

  • Begin by logging into the YouTube application , if you go to the right section of the screen you will see a bar which has 3 points, press it and you will see that a menu will open in which you must locate the option ” Settings ” and then from there go to the «History» section
  • Once you have reached that point you will only have to locate the option to “Delete history” and once there select which is the list you want to delete, press accept and everything will be ready.


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