How to Clear Facebook Search History

We are constantly searching for those options that allow us to have certain levels of security and privacy in our Facebook profile, such as making the profile photo private . If we are using a computer that we share with other people, it is possible that they can know that it is the last thing we have done if they take a look at the history or the activity log. It is for this reason that we have created this article that will teach you how you can delete your search history and activity log on Facebook.

How to Clear My Search History and Activity Log on Facebook

Maintaining absolute privacy is what we have sought, such as avoiding being searched for by my name for example. And that some people can know what we have done when we were connected on Facebook is the last thing we want to happen. Luckily there is an option that will allow us in a very simple way to erase the search history before closing our session.

And the best of all is that you will be able to perform this operation both from a mobile device and from a personal computer. But that the way you can access this option will be different depending on the device you use. But don’t worry, doing this will be as simple as activating and receiving notifications on any of your devices.


  • How to Clear and Facebook Search History from PC
  • How to clear Facebook search history from mobile

How to Clear and Facebook Search History from PC

In order for us to erase the history, it is necessary that we enter the application from the computer and start our session routinely. Once we are on the home page we must go to the search history . We must position ourselves on it, ensuring that it is empty. Once on it we must click to show us a list of the last search we have made.

You can check that what it shows you are your recent searches and once you have them on the screen you should go and select the Edit option . This will appear to the right of Recent Searches , by performing this action you will have access to your search history. The next step is to delete some of the terms from the list or the entire of your search history.

In the event that you only want to remove some terms from the search history list, what you should do is position yourself on the prohibited symbol icon. You will find this on the right side of the term that is in the search history list. This action will show you the Delete option which you must click to delete it from the list.

In the case of wanting to delete all the search history on Facebook, it will only be necessary that you go to the upper right where you will find the option Clear search . As you can see, it is easier to delete all the history than to do it for specific terms.

How to clear Facebook search history from mobile

In this case we have used a mobile that works with the Android system to erase the Facebook search history. And we must enter the application, remember that you can log in to two accounts. Once we are in our profile, it will be necessary for us to go to the upper right where the icon with three vertical dots is located to access the option Activity Log .

Once we select it, everything you have done on the platform will be displayed, the next step you must follow is to click on the Filters option . Several options will be displayed, but in our specific case we must choose the Search History option . And here you will have two options to delete the search history.

The first of them is to delete those entries that you do not want to appear in your history and for this you just have to click on the X-shaped icon that is displayed next to each entry. The other and easier option is to delete the entire search history. And for this you just have to click on the Delete option and all the history will disappear completely.

As you have seen, it is very easy to prevent another person from knowing what your most recent searches have been on Facebook . And with these simple steps you will be able to do it from the PC or from the mobile.



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