How to clean your home and office with the arrival of spring

September marks the beginning of a renewal season . We are talking about spring, which brings back the heat and the revival of flora. Many consider it the best season of the year, as it provides us with pleasant and pleasant temperatures.

At that moment, we say goodbye to winter, which is unpleasant for many people. Due to the cold of the previous season, we left the spaces where we live more closed, which leads to an increase in germs, bacteria and mold.

Therefore, anyone who thinks that spring is marked only by flowers is mistaken. In this season, we need to be careful with our space in relation to hygiene and cleanliness, starting with the famous “ spring cleaning ”, which is important to keep prepared for climate change, caused by the change of season.

To better explain what should be done in this spring cleaning, we will divide it in stages.

·                                 General cleaning

  1. Dust and clean the floor:To start the spring cleaning in the right way, we need to remove the dust. Always starting by removing dust from furniture, then removing dust from the floor. After these two processes, wipe with a damp cloth with a multipurpose cleaner and finish the process.
  2. Clean the windows:The windows also need to be washed in the spring. Watch out for the rising sun, as the window cleaner can dry quickly if not rinsed optimally.
  3. Wash the curtains:With the arrival of the season, it is also valid to renew the curtains. Remove and wash them. Replace with clean curtains or replace the old curtain after washing, this will drastically reduce the amount of dust mites in your rooms.
  4. Wash carpets:Just like curtains, carpets should also be washed to eliminate the high amount of winter accumulated bacteria. Because the season is colder, the residence is usually closed, which generates this large accumulation of bacteria.
  5. Clean the walls:Don’t forget to clean the walls thoroughly. If these are painted with a washable paint, use a damp cloth with a little neutral detergent to remove stubborn dirt. To remove the mold, opt for a cleaner with active chlorine or bleach, combined with a brush, which will make removing the mold simpler.

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·                                 Kitchen

  1. Defrost the freezer and clean the refrigerator:To start the spring well, it is important that you also renew your refrigerator. This is because there may be spoiled fruits and vegetables in the place and also, with the arrival of a warmer season, you will use the refrigerator more and, consequently, you will need more space.
  2. Clean the hood:If your spring started with your fat-filled hood, there is no reason for you to postpone your cleaning. The more fat you accumulate, the more difficult it will be to clean.

·                                 WC

  1. Clean the drains:The drain must also be cleaned periodically. Take advantage of the changing season to clean it up, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore, at least not until summer.
  2. Clean the mirror:Cleaning the mirror is a habit that we should all have in our routine, it is recommended to clean them at least twice a month. Sanitizing them should also be on your list of spring cleaning tasks and with a glass cleaner and a multipurpose cloth, you can accomplish this task quickly.
  3. Organize the cabinets:Clean the cabinets, removing medicines, cosmetics and other products that are out of date. You already start the season leaving the environment more organized.

·                                 Offices

  1. Clean the shelves:Remove all books and objects from the shelves and shelves and vacuum them. You can sanitize the furniture with the help of a cloth, water and neutral detergent (remember that you should always take into consideration the type of material in which they are made, as some products can damage them).
  2. Organize the papers:This is a great time for you to do that general paperwork and discard everything that is not useful. Organize papers into folders, clean tables and leave everything in order for the new station to arrive at your workplace.
  3. Hygiene of computers:Vacuum behind all computers and cable areas, they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and it is important to keep them clean.

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·                                 Living room

  1. Vacuum the sofas:Like curtains, sofas and armchairs need to be vacuumed to remove excess dust that may be accumulated. This eliminates the mites that are installed in the winter. A cloth moistened with alcohol after aspiration is also a good tip to eliminate them.
  2. Dust and clean cabinets and shelves:The mission to eliminate dust and bacteria does not end on curtains and sofas. Empty your cabinets and shelves to make dust removal easier. Vacuum or wipe with a microfiber cloth, which is electrostatic and combined with a little alcohol, will make cleaning quick and simple.
  3. Take the cushions to wash:Just as the care with comforters and bedding, the cleaning of cushions and pillows is also essential. Enjoy the most airy and sunny time to wash these items and let them dry naturally, while remaining in contact with fresh air.

·                                 bedrooms

  1. Vacuum and turn the mattresses:Turn the mattresses upside down and vacuum on both sides. This is essential to eliminate dust and mites. With that, you will get rid of the bacteria in a piece of furniture where they usually accumulate.
  2. Wash the blankets:During the winter we use blankets much more than usual. Due to the cold and increased humidity, we were unable to wash our blankets as we would like. Take advantage of the change of season and wash all the blankets that have been used, this will also improve the atmosphere of your room.
  3. Store blankets and comforters correctly:Before storing them, clean the cabinet to make sure it is free from mold and moisture. Wash all parts before storing and avoid placing them in plastic bags, as it facilitates the production of moisture. If possible, expose the covers to the sun once a month to eliminate accumulated mites and bacteria.
  4. Wardrobe organization:Clean your cabinets and take the opportunity to exchange the winter clothes you no longer use for spring / summer clothes. You can donate old clothes that are no longer used to open up more space to buy new items from the season, but just organizing the items so that the lightest and freshest clothes are more visible and accessible, is of great help.

·                                 External area

  1. Clean the dirt from the yard and the entrance:Winter also leaves a lot of dirt, especially the leaves that fall from the trees and accumulate in our yard. Enjoy the spring and clean it all at once, as the season progresses you will not have so many problems related to dirt. Also wash all the exterior walls and paths of the house.
  2. Organize the garage:Get rid of excess and optimize your garage space, enjoy spring cleaning and also renovate this space that often ends up becoming the “corner of the mess”. If your garage is small and the car takes up almost all of your space, take advantage of its side walls to position suspended items, which will also optimize your space.


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