How to clean WhatsApp and free up internal storage space

The WhatsApp application has been incredibly useful and beneficial for its users, it allows us to establish communication in different ways with our loved ones in a few simple and easy steps.

However, it can be very tedious for people who have a phone with little storage memory, since in general, many multimedia files are sent between contacts and especially contacts in WhatsApp chat groups . That is why we will teach you how to get rid of those unwanted files and how to prevent your phone from collapsing full of them.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a modern application which automatically registers all your contacts to be able to have interactions with them through the application .

Almost 50% of the population that owns a smartphone, has this application, since it is like a smart address book , there is no need to add the contact manually when it has already been added to the phone’s basic contact book. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or any other operating system.

WhatsApp began as just a communication application that allowed you to send multimedia files such as photos, images, voice audios, and videos through it without much effort, but thanks to its updates today we can perform more innovative actions such as making video calls , share exact locations, publish and download whatsapp statuses , among others.

This application has become a very useful and necessary means of communication in these times, the ability it has to share information in such a fast and easy way is what makes it so attractive for all smartphone users .

How to send multimedia files by WhatsApp?

The ability to share media files of this application has been very useful for its users. In this way it is much easier to share information about our current location , which is very helpful in situations where we can feel in danger.

Thanks to this application it is possible to maintain contact and interaction with some people who are far from us, just by making use of their ability to make group video calls on WhatsApp or by sharing moments captured in photos or videos with them.

To send images or photos from our smartphone through the WhatsApp application, we just have to go to the application, enter the chat of the person with whom we want to share said multimedia file , click on the camera icon located in the part bottom of the screen, next to the microphone icon.

Then the option will appear to take a photo or record a video instantly and send it or select one or more from your phone’s gallery and send them. And if it is a voice audio that you want to record and send, just press and hold the microphone icon located at the bottom of the screen, and when you finish recording, release the icon and the recorded audio will automatically be sent .

If you want to share a multimedia file saved some time ago on your phone, it can be tedious when locating it from the WhatsApp application , since the files are displayed in order of date.

For this you can locate it from the gallery of your smartphone and then click the option to share and select through the WhatsApp application, this option appears automatically once you have installed the application.

How to free up internal storage space by deleting photos, videos and audios from WhatsApp?

To avoid filling your memory with multimedia files that your contacts or some group send you, which are usually many, you can deactivate the option to automatically download , in this way you will be able to see that a file has been sent but these are only downloaded if you want.

In case you have the internal storage of your phone full and you want to free up space by deleting what you have been sent and have sent by WhatsApp, you must go to the file or document manager of your phone, locate a folder called WhatsApp and delete each one of the content within it and its subfolders.


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