How to clean, optimize and speed up my Windows PC with Advanced SystemCare

As we use our personal computer, it is filled with computer garbage, these files somehow make the processes of the same, they are carried out slowly.

This directly influences the performance and performance of our PC. And since we know this and want to help you, in the next tutorial we will show you an excellent tool and you will learn how to clean, optimize and speed up my Windows PC with Advanced SystemCare.

So it is about time that the performance of our computer that works with Windows operating system , returns to be as in the beginning. For this reason we will present you a perfect program for this and it is called Advanced SystemCare. That will offer you more than 25 utilities that will clean, optimize and speed up your PC in a matter of minutes.

From the moment you install it and with a simple click you will give a new life to your computer and surely you thought you had to buy a new one. This is only allowed by these Windows optimizers and here we will show you, just like the pack of programs that is essential after formatting Windows.

How to clean, optimize and speed up my Windows PC with Advanced SystemCare

This tool is capable of deep cleaning our hard drive and detecting junk files and then deleting them from the system. But not only that, it can recognize between temporary files , image cache, system logs, update cache. This will provide us with more space and total cleaning of our hard drive.

In addition to freeing up space and cleaning up trash, it also offers us the option of protecting our personal information, which is contained in PCs.

It does this through the Privacy Sweep system, with which it keeps us safe from cyber hackers . The program will block the access of any process that tries to enter our computer at any time.

Another of the wonderful advantages that this multifunctional program can offer us is to improve startup, using only the processes necessary for it. Avoiding those you don’t need and that only slow down the boot process. It also helps us to stop those programs that are running in the background and that do not consume RAM memory.

And an additional plus that we will get when installing this program is to give it a higher connection speed. Since you will configure this connection in a correct way, so that the performance is optimal. So there are many advantages that we will obtain from a single application and then we will indicate how you can use it.

Steps to clean, optimize and speed up my Windows PC with Advanced SystemCare

To download and install this program, you can do it very simply and quickly from the official website. Once this process is done, you must open the tool and familiarize yourself with the interface , its tabs and best of all, it is in Spanish. So it will be very easy to know what function you are going to use at all times.

One of the first sections that you can enter is in Caring, in it we will find different options. All are very important for the care of the PC, we can indicate the one we need at the moment or all at the same time and then we click on Start. Here we can find, Sweep privacy, Optimize startup, Clean junk files, Clean registries.

Repair shortcuts, Remove Spyware, Optimize system and Speed ​​up internet, another section that we will find is Speed ​​up. If we choose Deep optimization we can improve and accelerate the performance of our PC.

But indicating which elements will be optimized in the process. The Turbo Boost option will help us free up space in RAM by stopping unnecessary processes.

We also find the Protect section, which will protect our personal information from possible attacks.It is important that you know that many of these options are only available in the Pro version of the program. This means that you will not have them in the free version and you will have to pay for these services.

In this way we show you how simple and easy this wonderful tool is at your fingertips and that will help you clean, optimize and speed up my Windows PC with Advanced SystemCare.


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