How to clean carpets at home

Beautiful carpets create home coziness, bring warmth to the atmosphere of the house or room. But sooner or later they get dirty. And here the question of how to clean carpets at home is more acute. Here are the answers.

The better to clean your carpet

Different cleaning products and methods should be used depending on the material of the carpet. For example, polyester carpets are stronger and easier to remove. And wool rugs are demanding to care for. The use of harsh cleaners and products is not recommended. The choice of cleaning solution depends on the type of dirt and blemishes on the carpet. Vanish carpet cleaner is designed to remove relatively fresh stains. But Carpet Cleaner 5+ will be able to cope with complex defects.

If you try to clean the carpet yourself, using too much chemical, you can damage the structure of the covering. Powder cleaners, for example, need to be rinsed off more thoroughly than other products.

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How to clean a wool carpet

Wool carpets are not stain resistant. But everything is fixable. They can be washed off with a cleaning spray. And to remove sand and dust – vacuum. Stubborn stains and persistent odors can only be removed by dry cleaning.

How to clean a viscose carpet

Viscose rugs are an affordable alternative to silk rugs. True, their fibers are fragile and require special care. Even the dirtiest rug can be cleaned by following the procedure and using cleaning solutions designed for cleaning viscose.

Cleaning step by step

  1. Run your hand over the mat to determine the direction of the pile.
  2. Move the carpet brush in the direction of the pile.
  3. Sweep up the fringe with a broom.
  4. To remove dirt from liquid spills, it is worth using a dish detergent.
  5. Clean stubborn stains with a 1: 1: 0.2 mixture of acetic acid, water and dish detergent.

We are often asked: “Can a viscose carpet be cleaned with a steam cleaner ?” No. It is best to limit the frequency of machine cleaning of the rug. Viscose is a fragile fabric, it is easy to damage it. The steam cleaner is only used when the carpet is very dirty.

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How to clean a silk carpet

Silk carpets have a natural shimmer and a smooth, soft texture that other materials cannot match. Silk, which is made up of the protein fibroin, is surprisingly strong. So much so that it can compete with steel yarns.

However, it is important to know how to properly clean a silk carpet. Silk fibers often lose strength when wet. They are also not very elastic and can be easily damaged by washing, heat and harsh chemicals. Even water can damage silk if its temperature is above 30 degrees.

Silk carpets should be vacuumed frequently, collecting dirt before it is crushed into fibers. It is better not to use a roller or broom, because they can damage the delicate fibers of the carpet.

How to clean a long pile rug

Long pile rugs are like magnets to collect sand and debris. The vacuum cleaner is not their friend, because the long pile can block and clog the nozzle.

This leads to rugs becoming unsightly and needing expensive dry cleaning. You can keep such a carpet clean only by regularly knocking out dust.

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How to clean carpet stains

Here are some tips and tricks for removing the most common and difficult types of stains.


You need to use cold water to remove the blood. Otherwise, the redness will eat into the fabric.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with cold water. Spray the spot area several times.
  2. Pat dry with a cotton towel, do not rub.
  3. Repeat these steps until the blood is gone. Allow the mark to air dry or dry with a vacuum cleaner.

Coffee and tea

First you need to try to get as much liquid as possible to get wet. Then combine one tablespoon of liquid soap, one tbsp. l. white vinegar and two cups of warm water.

Using a clean rag, wipe the stain with a sponge, applying a little solution and blotting frequently until the blemish disappears.

Wine and other colored liquids

Try to get as much of the substance as possible to get wet. Saturate the stain with carpet cleaner and set aside for a couple of minutes to remove the stain. Wipe off the rest of the stain until it is completely gone and remove the rest with a damp cloth.


Place a paper towel over the stain and iron. Wax, grease, or oil should loosen from the carpet and stick to the paper towel.


To remove dirt from carpet, let it dry first before vacuuming. Do not wipe it down with a cloth, it will only make the stain bigger.
Vacuum the surface several times until most of the dirt has been collected. Then, mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid solution with one cup of warm water. If necessary, blot the area with the solution until the stain is gone. Then let the carpet dry.

How to clean the carpet from the smell

We bring to your attention two options for cleaning carpets from extraneous odors using inexpensive products that are available in any home:

With soda With acetic acid
Sprinkle generously of baking soda on the carpet and wait until it dries. Remove excess with a  vacuum cleaner Make a solution of equal parts warm water and vinegar. Spread the solution over the entire surface with a soft brush. Allow the carpet to dry completely in the fresh air

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Errors when cleaning carpets

  • Excessive washing 

When too much cleaner is used or the carpet is not rinsed properly. This is the main reason why you should contact dry cleaning from time to time. If this is not done, the accumulated soap residue will not be removed and a virtual dirt magnet will remain on the carpet.

  • Waterlogging

Due to excessive absorption of water, some materials may become discolored. If the base and liner are very wet, it will be difficult to dry them. And this is a paradise for mold and mildew.

  • Furniture stains

Many types of wood furniture give off dyes when placed on a damp surface. The metal legs also leave rust stains on the carpet.

Thanks to the use of these methods, you can keep the carpet clean yourself with dignity. This does not require expensive chemical solutions. It is important, immediately or whenever possible, to get rid of stains and not neglect regular cleaning of the carpet. And also give the rug to the special. cleaning once or twice a year.

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