How to choose the gynecologist: 10 tips for you

Often the gynecologist is chosen without a real reason: sometimes it is that of a friend, other times that of adolescence. But the professional can also change. And when the time comes, these are 10 helpful tips to follow.

The choice of the gynecologist is a delicate matter , on the one hand because this figure embodies one of the most precious allies for a woman’s health , on the other because it carries out the most intimate visit and, let’s face it, for many women emotionally complicated to accept or embarrassing .

Follow-up visits should be a constant appointment throughout life and the gynecologist a reference, as well as the family doctor or dentist, but it is especially during pregnancy that women choose a specialist to follow them throughout gestation and in the postpartum. During this period, particular attention is paid to the selection of the doctor: if he is a specialized gynecologist or who perhaps works in a hospital, if he follows many pregnant women, if he is assisted in the office by a midwife, and so on.

Gynecologist – one profession, many specializations

But the specializations of the gynecological sector are, in reality, many more because the medicine of the female genital system is very complex. Obstetrics, gynecology, gynecological surgery, oncological gynecology and, again, fertility, contraception, menopause . Periodically meeting the gynecologist is a very powerful prevention tool to maintain your intimate and sexual health for a long time.

In particular, however, when the time comes to recognize the signs of the end of the fertile life approaching, it is important to promptly speak to your gynecologist.

That is why this may be the right time to evaluate a specialist other than your usual gynecologist , especially if you want to receive an opinion specific to your age group. It is important that you are an experienced menopausal gynecologist and if you want to look for one in your city, you can click here .

With the advice of the gynecologist, menopause is no longer scary

When the first menopausal ailments appear in your life, it can happen that you are not really ready to welcome them. In our country there is no real education for menopause, nor a culture on this very delicate moment in a woman’s life. For this reason, feelings of fear, fear of change, rejection, displeasure can often crowd themselves .

What an experienced gynecologist can do for you is, in the first place, guide you through the changes your body is facing and recommend specific treatments for your ailments . Likewise, the gynecologist can help you to preserve your well-being and serenity in the life of a couple , sometimes put to the test by decreased desire , dryness , pain or other ailments related – or not – to Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy , a chronic and progressive pathological condition whose management is important from the onset of the first symptoms

It is worth mentioning that menopause is a physiological , completely natural event, not a disease. However, for some women it could be a particularly tiring phase to go through. In addition to the disorders that exist, there are also the negative influences of prejudices on menopause which are sometimes so ingrained as to condition the mind: according to a survey carried out by the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 65% of Italian women between 40 and 60 years gives the term menopause a negative meaning.

Also for this reason, a visit to the gynecologist is undoubtedly the wisest choice whenever a doubt arises or there is a small disturbance: do not give in to the temptation to consult general websites on the internet or ask a friend. But if you came here looking for information on menopause, we recommend that you read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about menopause, given by the doctors in our network .

10 useful tips for choosing a gynecologist

In light of what we told you above, here are 10 helpful tips for choosing an experienced gynecologist in menopause :

  1. Check the requirements of the gynecologist you intend to contact : you can search for reviews online or ask your knowledge, but keep in mind that opinions are always very personal. You can verify their belonging to research centers, particular bodies of professionals or other scientific groups.
  2. On the website of each hospital you can find information on gynecologists who work in the structure, their qualification in the hospital hierarchy and the specific field in which they operate: you can understand if they visit only privately or even intramoenia (visit carried out by a doctor of a public hospital , outside working hours, using the hospital facilities; in any case it is a modality provided by the SSN, for which a ticket must be paid), or if they are hospital employees and have specific offices
  3. Documented online: professionals can have their own website or have a page on the website of the Order of Doctors, where you can often also find their curriculum vitae and the list of any scientific publications. This information is invaluable in giving you an idea of ​​their specific field of expertise.
  4. Ask your primary care physician for advice if you don’t know which name to focus your attention on. He will no doubt know the local health and can refer you.
  5. Don’t limit yourself to word of mouth among friends: every woman is different and every menopause is different, therefore it is never possible to generalize problems and related solutions.
  6. Ask the counselors for advice too to know the gynecologists who work in the area if you do not have enough information to look for a specialized gynecologist in the area that you think concerns you closely.
  7. Do not “throw yourself” on names that enjoy notoriety and fame only from hearsay : find out if the gynecologist you hear about is specialized in the field that interests you . Evaluations on a doctor are as personal as there is and it is possible to run into disappointment when you have created very high expectations based on the experience of another person.
  8. Be wary of gynecologists who promote visits at discounted rates on websites that specialize in buying groups with discount coupons.
  9. Ask for a meeting: it will clarify your ideas a lot to look at who will take care of your intimate health and understand if they are the right person to make you feel at ease
  10. Remember that there are many female gynecologists : if your problem is the embarrassment you feel during the visit, you can choose a gynecologist. Perhaps the apprehension and anxiety before the visit will be less.


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