How to choose streaming quality from Apple TV +

Learn how to choose Apple TV + streaming quality, both in the iPhone and iPad app, and in the Apple TV set-top box.

The Apple TV + is the Apple streaming service available on TVs, browsers, iPhones, iPads and Apple TV set. On mobile devices and the set-top box, it is possible to adjust the data consumption of the app, to change the quality of the video transmission. Follow in our step by step how to choose the streaming quality of the Apple TV +.

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Apple TV app on the iPhone (Image: Ronaldo Gogoni / Tecnoblog)

How to choose streaming quality from Apple TV +

Both the Apple TV app for iPhone and iPad as well as the dedicated set-top box for use on TVs have streaming quality settings that allow you to use more or less data on the devices, which influences the resolution of the videos. By default, both have no specific settings, such as setting a fixed resolution.

What the user can do is determine the data consumption, which will influence the quality of the videos. Here’s how to do it on each device.

1. On iPhone and iPad

The Apple TV app does not allow you to choose a specific Apple TV + quality setting, which also applies to purchases on iTunes. However, it is possible to specify how much data the mobile device is allowed to download while streaming videos, which will affect quality.

Here’s how to do it:

Apple TV app settings on iPhone (Image: Playback / Apple)

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on “TV”;
  2. Under “Transmission Options”, tap “Wi-Fi”;
  3. Select between “High Quality” (default) and “Data Saving”, which limits streaming to 1 GB per hour;
  4. If you use streaming via cellular network (Option “Use Cellular Data” on), go back to the previous screen, tap on “Cellular” and repeat the operation.

With the “Data Saver” option active, the iPhone or iPad will download less data during streaming, and as a consequence, the resolution will be lower.

2. On Apple TV

In the Apple set-top box, there are specific settings for adjusting the quality of Apple TV + and movies purchased on iTunes. Do the following:

  1. On the Apple TV main screen, open the Settings app;
  2. Select “Apps”, “iTunes Movies and TV Shows”;
  3. In “Video resolution”, select the resolution you want to use, between “Good” (data limit of 3 GB per hour), “Best” (6 GB / hour) or “Best available”.
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