How to choose an iPhone: 5 tips for your needs

Choosing the perfect Apple smartphone for yourself, or for those who have to receive it as a gift, can be difficult. Here is a mini guide with the features to consider to proceed with the purchase of the right iPhone.

The iPhone line-up is extensive. Many models, even a few years have passed since their release on the market, continue to be supported by Apple and developers, especially since the used iPhone market is very active, and consequently many people continue to use the devices.


So here are five useful tips to find the right iPhone:


1. iPhone for photos and videos.

Do you like taking pictures and shooting high resolution videos? Is Instagram your kingdom? There are two features you need to consider to buy the right iPhone for you: Camera and Memory .

Smartphones are often used to take high-quality photos.

The photographic function is the most used by smartphone owners , who now seem destined to completely replace compact digital cameras.

If you are looking for a device that allows you to take high-resolution photos, also suitable for printing, the 8 MP camera present on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c could be for you. These three devices also allow you to shoot HD video .

If, on the other hand, you are looking for maximum performance, perhaps because you need professional shots or 4K videos, you will have to opt for the more expensive iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE, which in addition to having a 12 MP resolution camera, offer better color accuracy, super sharp and detailed photos.

And you can shoot 4K video , up to four times higher resolution than 1080p HD. Plus, the FaceTime HD camera is perfect for selfies , with more realistic colors and more natural skin tones.

As for the memory of the device, however, a lot depends on the habits of the owner. The 16 GB models allow significant savings in economic terms.

The actual available storage space will be around 11 GB, and you are “forced” to transfer photos and videos to your PC or other devices to free up memory space when it is full. If, on the other hand, you like to keep large quantities of photos and videos in high resolution on your smartphone, it will be better to opt for an iPhone with at least 32 GB of memory . If you choose an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone SE, you have to choose the 64GB model, as the 32GB cut is not produced.

2. iPhone for apps, games and movies.

If you use your smartphone mainly for gaming, for watching movies or videos on YouTube, or for the many available applications of all kinds, in addition to the device memory, you will have to take into consideration another important feature: the display size .

Better gaming experience thanks to the larger display.

To fully enjoy the use of the iPhone, you will need to avoid small 4-inch displays, and choose at least an iPhone with a 4.7 “display , such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, or go further, choosing the related Plus versions, with display 5.5 inch.

If games, movies and internet browsing are the only uses you intend to make of the device, avoid buying the iPhone altogether and buy an iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. iPhone and iPad are two different devices , but you will have the largest display to enjoy games and videos, and access to social and messaging applications via Wi-Fi connection or use of a data SIM. iPad, however, does not call .

3. iPhone for work.

Do you need a high-performance smartphone that allows you to facilitate your business? Just choose an iPhone 5s or a newer model, having the guarantee of having a fast and reliable device. The size of the display, however, could be relevant.

iPhone SE delivers high performance in a compact design.

If you are looking for a practical and handy smartphone , to be kept in your jacket or pants pocket, choose a 4-inch model, such as iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. If you are looking for even higher performance, choose iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s , which with 4.7-inch displays are not particularly bulky, but not as practical as the smaller models. Finally, if you want high performance and small size, there is a single device that can meet your needs, and it is the new iPhone SE , the latest from Apple. iPhone SE packs the high performance of the iPhone 6s into a device of the same size and design similar to the iPhone 5s.

4. iPhone for phone calls

Applications don’t particularly interest you. You rarely play with your smartphone. You only take photos at birthday parties. The only social network you use is Facebook and also rarely.


“If you have to call, you just need a phone.”

An iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, perhaps used, could be ideal. And if you can’t find it for sale in excellent condition, spending just a little more, you can buy an iPhone 5. They are a bit “old” models, but they call, send SMS, you can access social networks and use messaging applications, like whatsapp. These are smartphones suitable for mothers and fathers with no particular pretensions, or ideal for being the first smartphone for their children : if you give a twelve-year-old a colorful iPhone 5c, he will be more than happy

5. Flashy iPhone

Aesthetics first of all. Are you looking for a trendy iPhone? You don’t care about performance, but just want an iPhone that ” stands out “? You can choose a “ colored ” iPhone, such as iPhone 5c , available in five different bright colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and White. Or you can choose a refined and elegant Rose Gold iPhone, such as iPhone 6s or iPhone SE .

The five bright colors of the iPhone 5c.

In addition, whichever iPhone you choose, you will have plenty of accessories to customize your device and make the most of it . The important thing will be to choose accessories from quality manufacturers , because the cases must be to your taste, but also protect the device in the best possible way . And contrary to what one might think, an excellent quality iPhone cover often has a more than accessible price , just higher than those sold on the stalls, which almost never meet the regulations and quality standards of the European Community.


Ultimately, the perfect iPhone doesn’t exist. There is the perfect iPhone for your needs. And now that you have a clear idea of ​​what to buy, take a look at New and Used iPhones available from Blob Video. Just  click here .


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