How to choose an electric lock

If you try to find a locksmith and ask him for advice on an electric lock, he will be able to direct you on what to do. They are the last frontier of security from the point of view of closing the doors , so much so that now they are applied both on pedestrian gates and on access doors. They are safe and comfortable tools, which obviously as with everything has its pros and cons. So let’s see what to consider when choosing the electric lock.

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  • 1Observe the double coil
  • 2Evaluation of the height-adjustable counter nozzle
  • 3Choose a model with the brass button
  • 4Presence of adjustable closure
  • 5Concluding opinions

Observe the double coil

The one that wears most often inside a lock, especially if electric, is the coil. Precisely on this the blacksmith intervenes more frequently. For this reason, when choosing one, take into account that it has a double coil. In this way the load is distributed evenly, guaranteeing greater durability and reliability over time.

Thanks to the double coil you will not need to change the lock often, but you will see that it will last you over the years. Remember that there are many brands and models on the market, so it would be advisable to get advice from your trusted locksmith.

Evaluation of the height-adjustable counter nozzle

Obviously, as a rule, use and the passing of time tend to ruin the hinges, the lock but also the counter escutcheon. In fact, they become misaligned, making closure difficult, if not impossible. This is the reason why you need to choose an electric lock that is height adjustable. In this way it is easier to recover any vertical movements.

When the counter nozzle can be adjusted with confidence, it is easier to intervene on the hypothesis of a misalignment. If you don’t want to call the locksmith you can also try it yourself.

Choose a model with the brass button

The button allows the exit to open the internal side, even if a remote electrical impulse is not necessarily required. This means that if the power fails, the lock can be opened with equal ease.

However, it is better to choose a model that has a brass button , while plastic is less comfortable. First of all because it does not lose color and secondly because the material does not crack. This means that over time the electric lock will last much longer.

Presence of adjustable closure

Each door each gate has its own structure. There are heavy ones that need a much harder and stronger ejector. Conversely there are lighter ones where a lock model with a soft spring ejector also fits.

In short, the best lock is the one that can adjust the hardness of the ejector spring through an internal adjustment mechanism.

Concluding opinions

It is therefore evident that whoever is struggling with an electric lock must take into account the gold and cons of each structure and model chosen. It takes the aforementioned characteristics in order to castrate the locksmith having to rush to your house once more.

So whether you have to change your lock or you have to choose a new one, examine the possibilities together with a professional in the sector. Finally, don’t forget that a good electric lock must be not only of quality but also easy to install. Therefore, also take into account whether or not it is easy to handle, as well as the entrance, the external cylinder and the direction of opening of the door.


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