How to choose a women’s wristwatch

Since its inception, women’s wristwatches have been perceived first as an adornment and only then as a complex and useful mechanism. Moreover, finding out what time it is in the 21st century is not a problem – just look at your smartphone. Perhaps that is why the ladies’ wrist chronometer has established itself in the category of fashion items, with the help of which you can emphasize your style and attitude to life. Therefore, you need to buy it carefully, taking into account the smallest details. The article will tell you about the subtleties and nuances of the choice.

Choice of style, appearance of watches

The variety of models can sometimes cause a mixture of admiration and confusion. At the same time, products that are completely different in style and performance seem to be beautiful and interesting. And I want to buy everything at once – a sophisticated watch with a metal case, massive sports, cute Chinese with a floral pattern …

So that instead of rash purchases, your favorite accessory flaunted on your wrist, you should soberly and prudently evaluate its appearance and conformity to your style. That is, think about where and with what outfits you can wear the chronometer, how often.

Depending on the lifestyle, models in the following styles are suitable for everyday wear:

  • Classic. Strict lines, restraint and elegance of products will be appropriate in the office, in university classes, business meetings;
  • Sports. Devices with a casual image look organically – for walks, rest – and with sportswear;

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  • Romantic. The graceful lines of the case, the charming pattern on the dial and the strap will come in handy at a date, a resort, a party;
  • Unisex. Especially for girls who prefer comfort and freedom of movement, brands create devices with a large case, wide strap, simple and clear dials.

For social events, it is better to buy a separate accessory that matches the evening or cocktail look:

  1. Jewelry made of gold, platinum or silver. Such models are often decorated with precious or semi-precious stones.
  2. Designer women’s watches that can combine an unusual case shape with a delicate feminine bracelet. Or a massive forged bracelet with a classic case and dial.

Size selection

To choose a women’s watch that will look good on the wrist and not cause discomfort, you need to take your measurements correctly. As with measurements for clothing, you need a centimeter. Do not refuse the help of another person – self-made measurements may be inaccurate due to the mobility of the hand in the process.

What measurements to take:

  • full wrist circumference (measured at the base of the palm);
  • wrist width (at the base of the palm);
  • the diameter of a round case or the width of a case of another shape.

A poorly chosen dial can look awkward on the hand, for example, if the owner of a thin wrist wears a device that is too wide. The miniature wrist watch on the hand of medium width also makes not the best impression – it seems that the lady has mistakenly grabbed the children’s model.

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Color selection

The world of ladies’ chronometers, like all other accessories, is subject to fashion trends. And they affect not only the shape, size, material of the dial and strap. The tone of the product is determined by the color. Tastefully selected model will successfully complement the image or become a bright accent.

Choosing a device for everyday wear, you should give preference to tones that are considered classics – brown, black. Traditional metallic colors are also relevant – silver, gold, steel.

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For relaxation, walks and entertainment, you can choose models with an unobtrusive pattern on the dial and a plain or printed strap. And snow-white sports women’s smartwatches, like the Apple Watch Series 1 , go well with a sports and walking wardrobe and look more appropriate than dark pieces.

In addition, it is natural in the warm season to prefer rich, catchy shades to dull ones. And in the off-season and cold, the time comes for muted, soft tones.

Mechanism selection

Manufacturers of women’s watches offer a choice of devices with a quartz movement , as in the Gear S2 , and a mechanical movement. Each of these mechanisms has its own characteristics:

Mechanics Quartz
Durability High accuracy
There are self-winding and manual winding Does not require winding
Does not depend on power supplies The service life is on average shorter than that of mechanical
The accuracy is lower than that of quartz Change the battery on time

Choosing a strap or bracelet

The watch case is completed with a bracelet or strap. Bracelets are made of metal – steel, titanium, platinum, silver, gold. They are complemented by classic chronometer models like the Galaxy Gear S3 to emphasize the elegance of the accessory.

Thanks to the material of manufacture, the bracelets are durable, abrasion resistant and will last for years. And polishing will help to restore the original look to your favorite product. The only possible breakdown is the chain links, which, however, can be easily replaced in the workshop. True, it’s expensive.

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The customers appreciate the straps made of leather and leatherette, fabric and silicone for other advantages. Leather, like the Huawei Watch, look solid and do not block air access to the body. But periodically they need to be completely replaced – the material weakly resists scratches and abrasions.

The fabric is pleasant to the skin, and the variety of fabric straps allows you to change them at least every day if you want – to suit your mood or clothes. Durability is not their advantage, but it is not a pity to throw them away. Sports models are usually paired with silicone, like the Galaxy Watch , or rubber bands.

Watch material and coating

The optimal balance of “price-quality” can boast of metal products. Stainless steel models such as the Galaxy Watch 42mm are highly resistant to damage and have strict, noble lines. Titanium chronometers are not only lightweight and very durable, the color of the metal attracts with velvet depth and matte sheen.

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Devices made of ceramics or a combination of metal and ceramics are refined and not afraid of scratches and abrasions. However, dropping them once more is still not recommended.

A gold watch will be an exceptional gift for your girlfriend or wife for a special occasion. However, an accessory with a rose or yellow gold plating would be a worthy alternative. Before buying, you should find out more about what types of coating are, and how they differ.

Popular brands of women’s watches

Among the variety of players in the watch industry, brands from Switzerland and Japan are especially respected and trusted by customers. Fashionistas and fashion houses of France and Italy do not get tired to amaze fashionistas. Each brand strives to create a luxurious, unique device with a flawless mechanism.


The accessories of the Swiss house can be recognized by the “apples” at the ends of the graceful hands. Chronographs for ladies are usually made in the form of an oval or a circle. Material – steel or gold, some models are encrusted with diamonds for decoration.


Famous for its use of gold and its alloys to create watches, the brand also produces devices made of high-quality stainless steel and platinum. Moreover, each model, regardless of the type of metal, exudes luxury and solidity. The most desirable chronometers for women are made of rose gold.

Fashion houses

Chanel, Cartier, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton and other recognized kings of the fashion world are developing personalized devices for loyal admirers. The spirit of every home is expressed in the design of the accessories. Chanel’s elegant minimalism is opposed by Cartier models richly inlaid with pearls and diamonds. And those who are tired of Louis Vuitton’s conservatism will love the Roberto Cavalli design – the embodiment of the graceful activity of a modern girl.

You can study the technical features of chronometers for a long time. And it takes even longer to look for the perfect combination of shape, color and texture. But even the most expensive designer watches will not become a reflection of the personality if the soul does not lie with them. Therefore, it is so important to focus on the sensations, emotions that arise when looking at an accessory. If there is a desire to put it on and wear it, the cost of the material and the type of mechanism lose their key importance.

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