How to choose a table lamp: 5 tips

There are many original fixtures , without which the desktop looks deprived. At the time of choice, you need to understand the details – it’s easier to navigate in comparison with thousands of variations. Consider which table lamps are better and how they differ.

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What are the table lamps

By the type of fastener, they are divided into three types:

  • on a clothespin. For lamps, the standard base has been replaced with a handy clothespin. Such are tightly attached;
  • on the clamp is a screw mechanical clamp that secures the device to the edge of the surface;
  • surface-mounted – traditional models (such as the Philips STORK LED 7W White lamp ) with a base that does not require additional installation, but is placed on a flat surface.

The switch can be located on a cord, be touch-sensitive or turned on by a button on the product body.

In the field of application, table lamps are of three types. More about each – further.


Externally, the devices look standard: a light source is located on the base with a leg. The direction of the luminous flux can be adjusted in the desired direction. Typically, these lamps are installed on the desktop. They provide high-quality illumination of the desired area and provide comfortable conditions for working with small details.


They are attracted by the design. In this category, lamps are in trendy hi-tech (high technology) or loft (a combination of luxury and devastation). The brightest representative is Philips LIC Iris LivingColors Remote control Clear , which emits a soft glow that is pleasing to the eye.

Devices in the original design are also used as additional lighting for interior decoration.

Smart lights

Equipped with LED modules like LED V-TAC SKU-8601 . This is when one or more LED dies are housed in a separate package. A separate power supply is connected to each LED element. These fixtures excel in zone lighting, illuminating work areas and beautifying environments.

Four features of smart lights:

  • thanks to the original design and compact size, they can be used to beautifully and stylishly complement the interior;
  • in “smart” lamps, you can select the brightness level and temperature of the glow, adjust the height and angle of the direction of the light beam;
  • luminaires can have a USB port or built-in speaker;
  • the service life of the electrical appliance is 50,000 hours (with daily use of 5 hours). This potential will last for 25 years).

Some models are equipped with a voice control option. When your hands are busy, you can turn on the device using your voice.

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For what purposes are table lamps used

Whichever table lamp you choose, you need to decide what to buy it for. It serves as an additional source of light in a specific area. It can be used for study, work or as a decorative element.

For schoolchildren

The student spends at a desk under the light from 2 to 5 hours a day. During this time, a safe and comfortable atmosphere should be maintained: the child does not need to look closely, so the eyes do not get tired.

A good table lamp contributes to:

  • preservation of visual acuity,
  • convenience during class.

At the student’s workplace, the brightness of the light source should be in the range of 270-540 lm. With more or less intensity, the eyes will tire faster.

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For work

The role of table lamps is to provide spot illumination of the table. Such devices have a movable structure, you can adjust the degree of bending on the armature and direct the beam where needed.

To create comfortable lighting for work, the light source should be located at a distance of 30-45 cm from the surface. The light should not be direct, but diffused.

The more sophisticated the model, the wider the range of its possibilities. A working lighting device must have at least four adjustments. The plafond can be raised higher and lower, moved closer and further to you without changing the position of the electrical appliance itself.

Other goals

Table lamps act as an additional light source in the recreation area. Such a device can be conveniently located on a bedside table or on a coffee table next to the sofa. With its help, you can not only create illumination of a certain area, but also emphasize the dignity of the interior.

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What to look for when choosing: 5 aspects

  1. The quality of the material from which the lamp base and diffuser are made. Plastic models can get hot and stink. Devices with a metal case are durable and resistant to mechanical damage.
  2. Compliance of the design with the interior of the room.
  3. Beam power and temperature. The lighting power depends on the light bulb installed. The device can generate cold, neutral or warm luminous flux. For replacement bulbs, this criterion is not so important. But if you buy an LED lamp, you can’t replace a lamp.
  4. Durability and ease of fastening. It is good if the tabletop device is resistant to overturning. If the lamp is on a clothespin, it must be securely attached to the object.
  5. Build reliability.

Lamp power

The luminaire should be positioned so that the illumination level is between 300 and 750 lx (lux). If there is no need to look closely at the little things, a light bulb of 300-400 lux is enough.

For comfortable reading and writing, the illumination should be within 500 lux, drawing – 600 lux or higher. Not only the lamp should shine, but also the chandelier.

For a bright glow, a light bulb from 30 to 75 watts is optimal. Then the beam gives 270-800 lm. It is optimal if the plafond is at a height of 30-55 cm from the working surface.

Other characteristics

The color temperature of the light bulb is also important. In lighting fixtures with a replaceable consumable, this issue disappears by itself. But in LED models – no.

The types of color temperatures are presented in the table.

Light type Colour temperature
Warm white light 2700K
Natural white light 4200K
Cold white light 6400K

Cold light is not pleasant for everyone, but it helps to concentrate attention. Warm light is considered gentle. This shade is relaxing, therefore it is in demand among buyers.

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