How to choose a steamer

Experienced hostesses know that not all materials can be ironed with high quality. Some types of synthetic fabric or clothing with many buttons and embellishments require special attention. Fortunately, this is solvable.

What are the steamers

Before choosing a steamer for yourself, they understand two types of these devices.

  1. Floor standing – larger.
  2. Hand-held compact, fit in a bag or suitcase.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a model, you should think about in what conditions, how often and for what purposes you will use such a unit.


They look like an electric kettle. The devices are small and lightweight. According to user reviews, they are good for business trips, travel and travel. Such devices will allow you to quickly give your clothes the proper look in any place and under any conditions.

The power of the handheld device is low (200–1700 W) and it has a small water tank (0.5–1.1 l). It fits comfortably in the hand, does not cause fatigue when processing fabric.

Using a hand-held device will appeal not only to hostesses who steam bed linen and curtains. Business people will love it too. With such a compact device, any person will look neat and presentable.

Floor standing

To choose a steamer for your home, we recommend taking a closer look at the outdoor models. They, in turn, are divided into hovering under pressure and arbitrarily.

  1. The hot cloud that comes out under pressure makes it easier to handle thick fabrics. The downside is that powerful steam is dosed. For the jet to go, you will have to wait a while.
  2. The machine, which releases steam by gravity, will smooth out creases in bedding, shirt or decorated clothes. However, in an upright position, it will be more difficult to process fabrics. And the effect is not the same as from a device that generates steam under pressure.


When gathering information on how to choose a steamer for home use, you also need to study the characteristics of the combination type. They are hybrids that serve up chic steam from three atmospheres. They are able not only to smooth out creases on clothes, but also to clean surfaces from dust and dirt. Using such a device on the farm, you can no longer resort to household chemicals. The set includes various attachments for working out hard-to-reach areas.

Combined devices have a higher cost than conventional devices. But due to their versatility, they hold good positions in user ratings.

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What functions can a steamer perform?

With this device, you can process products from any canvas without fear of spoiling the appearance. The device gently smoothes out folds and deep creases, disinfects and refreshes. It also copes well with limescale deposits on taps and dirt in the joints between tiles. Thanks to the high temperature steam flow, dirt can be easily cleaned without the use of chemicals.

Steam delicate and delicate fabrics

What cannot be ironed in the usual way can be ironed with a steamer. Steam treatment is absolutely safe and effective. This applies to natural fabrics and synthetics. When steaming, the cloth does not come into contact with a hot surface, as is the case with an iron. Contact occurs only with steam, which does not heat up above 100 degrees.

With such an assistant, you no longer have to worry about the blouse burnt by the iron. You will not hesitate – to buy your favorite delicate blouse made of thin fabric or not, because it is so difficult to iron. Armed with a steamer, smooth out wrinkles of any complexity on your clothes.

Steaming jewelry with jewelry

Clothes, especially for women, are often decorated with buttons, beads or rhinestones. It’s beautiful, but ironing such a luxury is very problematic. You can’t do without a steamer. Hot steam penetrates deep into the fabric, smoothes the fibers without damaging their structure.

Such steaming does not harm beads, beads, rhinestones, bows, buttons, etc. Having got used to it, you will quickly put your favorite things in order with any decorations.

Curtains can be ironed without removing

It is impossible to imagine the top useful steamer functions without ironing the curtains. Housewives know what a hassle with folds on them after washing. The steamer allows the material to be flattened directly onto the eaves. You can hang the product while still wet – this way it straightens better. And when dry, treat with a steamer.

Both a manual and an outdoor unit will help to tidy up the curtains without removing them. But it is still more convenient to work manually. The floor one will not reach the very top of the product from the floor; you will have to put it on a chair or other elevation. This is a serious nuance in how to choose a garment steamer.

What characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing a steamer

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, it is worth looking at three features.

  • With what force and under what pressure the steam is supplied.
  • How long the device is able to work without interruption.
  • What the unit is made of.

Based on these points, it will be easier to decide which model to buy.

Steam power and intensity

The intensity is calculated in grams per minute (g / min). The higher the flow intensity, the deeper it penetrates into the tissue layers. This means that even rough materials can be smoothed out. Do not choose an appliance whose intensity is less than 30 g / min. The hot head will be weak, you are unlikely to be satisfied with the results of such a steamer.

The more powerful the unit, the more productive it will be. The average for a good device ranges from 1600 to 1800 watts. If you plan to work with dense fabric or lined clothing, we recommend that you take a closer look at devices whose indicators are from 2000 to 2200 W.

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Steam pressure

The greater the pressure with which the iron soars, the better the penetration deeper into the fabric. Therefore, if you plan to steam thick heavy curtains, coats or raincoats, it is better to choose a device with a high vapor pressure. The optimal indicator is considered to be 3-4 bar and above.

Please note that floor assistants often do not release steam under pressure, but do it arbitrarily, by gravity. This type of appliance is not suitable for thick or coarse fabrics.

Continuous working time

If the tank of the device is 1 liter, you can steam for at least 30 minutes without stopping. Users claim that the larger the tank, the better. A significant drawback of a volumetric tank is that it can heat up for 10-15 minutes longer than a compact device.

Some models do not have an automatic shutdown or sound notification that the water in the tank has run out. It is more convenient and safer to use devices in which this function is present.

Ironing material

It can be made of plastic or metal. Plastic is affordable, however, users note that it can smell unpleasant at the beginning of use. Plastic is lighter than metal, but less durable.

A metal iron often has an additional heating function, which makes working with the device more convenient. The heating produces fewer water droplets and the steam is delivered more intensively. Plus, the metal outsole is more durable. The disadvantage of this material is weight. With prolonged vertical steaming, the hand can get tired.

When deciding which steamer to choose, we advise you to pay attention to what kind of water the manufacturer recommends to use. In the description of some models it is written that only distilled water can be poured.

Summing up, we summarize the recommended characteristics in the table:

Name Recommended
Power 2000-2200 W
Pressure 4 and above bar
Ironing material Metal
Tank volume More than 1 liter

Using these guidelines, it will be easier to find the right hovering tool that will make your hassle easier.

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