Are you thinking of buying a robot vacuum cleaner ? If so, surely you have already started looking and you have already realized that it will not be easy to make a decision, since the market offers endless brands and models.

You have them from the most basic ones, which move in a random and disorderly way; even the most sophisticated ones, capable of recognizing every corner of your home. They can also detect obstacles at a distance, clean according to the level of dirt or are even capable of disinfecting the surfaces through which they pass with ultraviolet light. 

Well, to make your task easier, we are going to explain what you should look for when choosing the robot vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.


You must bear in mind that the efficiency of your robot vacuum cleaner will be proportional to its price. So, don’t expect amazing results from too cheap models .

You have to bear in mind that a mid-range robot vacuum cleaner has a useful life of more than two years, so the investment made will have an impact on the effectiveness of the device and your comfort for the next few years.

Do you have a navigation system?

It refers to whether the device is capable of ordering its path , detecting obstacles or if, on the contrary, it moves randomly and collides with everything in its path.

The most basic models do not usually come with a navigation system. The mid-range ones usually have sensors that allow you to create a “mental” map of the rooms and distribution of the home, remembering the corners and obstacles. And the most advanced ones are capable of locating the dirtiest areas of the house and having more influence on them.

How is your cleaning system and suction capacity?

There are models that don’t even vacuum, they just mop. However, most robot vacuum cleaners  combine two dust collection methods: the brush and the vacuum .

On the other hand, the suction power is also an important factor to take into account. Although not decisive:  more suction power determined not  necessarily more efficient . Efficiency also depends on the arrangement of the brushes, the number of them, the navigation system and, in general, how well designed the robot vacuum cleaner is. 


Or what is the same, the ability of the device to work autonomously and according to your orders. The most basic models have no or limited programmability, while the mid-range models have highly functional options. For practical purposes, this will allow you to tell the robot vacuum cleaner what days and hours to clean. You can even receive direct orders.

The autonomy and capacity of the tank

Depending on the size of your house, you should choose a robot vacuum cleaner with more or less autonomy. If it is very large, the longer the battery lasts, the better.

On the other hand, you will also have to look at the capacity of the dirt tank. For example,  if you have pets, choose a model with a good deposit . Some models have a full tank warning; in others you will have to get used to keeping an eye on it to see how fully it is.

Is noisy?

You have to assume that any robot vacuum cleaner is going to make noise . Of course, less than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The important thing is that since they are programmable, you don’t have to be at home when it is running.

Spare parts

This factor is important with any appliance or device you buy. If you go for one of the well-known and international brands, this point should not worry you at all. However, if you choose unknown brands, you must bear in mind that you may have problems finding spare parts.

And now that you know which robot vacuum cleaner you are going to buy and that you are going to have a very clean floor, discover how to clean carpets correctly.


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