How to choose a quality men’s socks

At first glance, the front is considered a minor item of men’s wardrobe, but the opinion of stylists is radically different. Fashionable men can even use socks to create an original look. In addition, stylists give a lot of advice on how to match the length, color and design of other items in the wardrobe. For this, first of all, a quality front is needed. Few men know what the sock selection criteria are. Quality socks are distinguished by the following indicators:

  • 100% natural content of hypoallergenic tissue;
  • The elasticity of the fabric, which makes the front easily take on the shape of an ankle when worn, and then returns to its original position;
  • The appropriate price determined by the quality;
  • Manufacturer reliability and good reputation;
  • Quality template, no rough seams.

When choosing a quality sock, men should first pay attention to the time of year and the weather. Because the primary purpose of socks is to warm the feet during the cold season. In addition, we must pay attention to the sock rubber, heel and toe location.

Clearly, the brand plays an important role in the sock

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In selection. Stylists advise us to pay attention to the composition of the fabric.

  • Cotton – a hygienic, hygroscopic, thermal insulation fabric that can last for many years;
  • Wool – excellent fabric with thermal insulation properties, but an optional informal model;
  • Flax – has a high hygroscopic texture, breathes air and is hygienic;
  • Bamboo fiber – the latest generation of synthetic material with good air permeability;
  • Cashmere – a soft and elastic, precious fabric that guarantees maximum comfort;
  • Silk – the perfect option for the summer season, matching the formal and formal wardrobe of men. Often men’s branded socks are made from a mixture of silk and cashmere, but the standard version of the fabric is cotton and shawl.

The sock rubber should not be too tight, but neither too loose. It is desirable that it be double-layered, soft, elastic, flexible and subject to stretching.

It is important that the front be of a tight structure. An important criterion is the length of the sock. Ideally, it should cover the foot so that the bare foot does not appear even when sitting.

The weakest point of the sock is the heel, because in this place it is easy to pull. Reliable manufacturers are particularly empowering this place.

Modern technologists are very advanced and offer a wide selection of the best properties, quality fabrics. In the composition of socks, usually several fabrics are used to get a functional and durable option when used. The main base should be natural, hypoallergenic fabric.

If a man needs a sock that fits perfectly on his feet, specialists recommend models containing liqueur. The quality front, after stretching, quickly takes on its original shape.

Nowadays, men’s quality socks can be selected with such indicators as: material, style, model, colors, print, formal or informal style. The most important indicator is the quality, because the quality of the socks lasts a long time and maintains its shape.

Stylists advise us to be careful when choosing socks, because this detail of the wardrobe is important for the appearance of men’s style.

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