How to choose a compressor for a car

The prudent chauffeur will always have a pump to maintain the pressure in the wheels. And it is bad, if it touches, to pump up manually, loading the back and legs.

It is much easier to get out of the situation without fatigue and stress, when you understand which compressor to choose for your car. You know – then you are the king.

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What characteristics to look for when choosing a compressor

Now in more detail. It’s no secret that the compressor has to quickly inflate the wheel. Characteristics such as performance, boundary air pressure, type of pressure gauge, cable length and maximum current consumption will help you decide which compressor to choose so as not to overpay and buy the right one for your car.

The kit with an air compressor includes additional attachments, thanks to which you can pump up rubber balls, mattresses, bicycle wheels. And some units can be used to paint various items. In this case, the same compressed air enters, for example, into the spray gun, from where it is dispersed outward. The TC-AC is one such versatile model.

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This indicator indicates how much air in liters per minute the device can supply. This parameter is suitable separately for each type of car. For example, a passenger car has a tire diameter of ± 14 inches, for such an air supply of 30 l / min will be effective. For quick inflation of the wheels of jeeps and other large-sized cars with tires up to 18 inches – from 50 l / min, and trucks (up to 22 inches) – at least 70 l / min.

The larger the number, the faster the result is achieved and the more expensive the unit. It makes no sense to overpay for a powerful compressor for a subcompact car.

Maximum pressure

This value is measured in atmospheres or bars. Indicates the maximum figure of the compressed air pressure that enters the enclosed space. In the auto industry, the maximum pressure is usually noted for a comfortable and safe ride.

The figures for air discharge in the wheel are entered in the passport of imported compressors. Domestic people take into account that a pressure of 1.8 atm is already present inside the tire, it exerts a certain amount of resistance. Therefore, the values ​​of “our” devices are more precise.

For a passenger car, a device with an air supply of 3 atmospheres is sufficient. For large vehicles, a more powerful model of the unit is needed – for 8-10 atmospheres, like the Einhell TH-AC 200/30 OF.

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What tires is the compressor used for?

Before buying a compressor, you need to know the diameter of the wheels and the required air volume. With this data, the risks of purchasing an unsuitable device are minimized.

Compressor units are gradually replacing the mechanical pumping method, thanks to a wide range of operation. One device can inflate the wheels of children’s bicycles from 12 “in diameter, adults – with an average size of 26”, cars – from 13 “, as well as trucks with tires from 20”.

Pressure gauge

It allows you to control the pressure value supplied by the compressor. It is better not to buy a device without a built-in pressure gauge, so as not to pump or refill the tires.

There are two types of pressure gauges:

  1. analog (mechanical) – equipped with a scale with two indicators for determining pressure: psi (lb \ in²) and bar (kg / cm²) and an arrow. Such devices have an error in determining the pressure values, since during measurements the arrow vibrates and shifts. Therefore, the indicators will not be accurate;
  2. digital – show values ​​on the display with hundredth precision. For convenience, they can be changed to Bar, ATM, Psi. Thus, you can see the pressure level in those values ​​that are more familiar and understandable. One of these models is the Ryobi ONE + R18i-0 battery compressor (without battery and charger).

Some digital gauges have an auto-stop option. You can set the required pressure in the tire yourself, when this indicator is reached, the compressor stops working automatically. This is good because you do not need to control the process and the level of pumping.

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Length and type of cable

The convenience of using the compressor depends on them. If the cord is long, you can effortlessly reach any wheel. The device with a short wire will have to be constantly moved. The optimal value is 2-3 meters.

To know which autocompressor to choose, you need to consider the type of power connection. It is of two types:

  • through a cigarette lighter – more convenient, but not suitable for powerful devices, because will not withstand amperage above 15A;
  • through the battery terminals is the most reliable way, because it will withstand any voltage.

Cordless compressors such as Ryobi ONE + R18PI-0 (without battery and charger) are charged from the mains. But their autonomy is enough to pump 2-3 wheels.

Maximum current consumption

It depends on this indicator where it is better to connect the compressor. With a consumption of more than 15A, the device cannot be connected to the cigarette lighter, since the fuse or fuse of the latter will burn out. Therefore, before choosing a compressor for 45-50 l / min, you need to be ready to constantly connect it to the battery.

Some manufacturers at the stage of manufacturing powerful models install special clips for connecting to the battery.

Reciprocating compressors – the most suitable type for a passenger car

According to the method of supply, there are: piston and diaphragm. Knowing the features of each type, the task of how to choose a compressor for a car will be simplified.

The table will help to understand the properties of the device models:

Compressor characteristics Piston Membrane
Working element Piston Rubber membrane
Performance High (35-160 liters per minute) Low (35-40 liters per minute)
Dependence on weather conditions Does not depend At boundary temperatures, the membrane loses its softness, elasticity, as a result of which performance decreases
Pressure indicator 8 atm 4 ATM (suitable for tires less than 14 inches in diameter)
Price Expensive Cheaper
Repairability If a cylinder or piston breaks down, the device is not suitable for repair. Repairable
Wear of parts High wear due to constant friction, therefore good lubrication is required. Friction causes the device to heat up, which shortens its lifespan With an average temperature regime, wear is minimal and the device can last more than one year.

The piston unit is heavier and larger, but versatile. Therefore, if a new vehicle appears, you can not think about replacing the compressor.

With the right setting, you can effortlessly adjust wheel inflation for a safe, enjoyable ride.

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