How to check your PUK code

We have all made a mistake with the PIN code at some time or we know someone who has had to rummage through the drawer for the plastic card that comes with the SIM and where the PUK is written. But we do not always find it or the code is not always still recorded after years since you made your contract. That is why it is interesting to know how to ask for the code in all operators to unlock your phone.

If you enter your PIN code wrong three times, the mobile is blocked. This is the case in any operator in Spain and it will be blocked regardless of the contract you have. On the third failed attempt, it asks you for the PUK. An eight-digit code that we do not normally know by heart but which, luckily, we can consult.

What is the PUK code

The PUK code is an eight-digit code that allows us to unblock a SIM card when we do not know the PIN code or have entered it incorrectly several times. It is a code with greater security than the previous one that we do not have to use every time we turn on the phone but only when it is locked. Also, unlike the well-known PIN, you cannot change it. This code cannot be changed and it is the key that seeks to provide more security to your phone so that no one can access it without your permission.

When you enter the PIN code wrong three times, it can happen by mistake or simply because you do not remember, it asks you for the PUK code. Normally we do not know the PUK code by heart unless we make frequent mistakes and have ended up memorizing it, although it is more difficult to do so.

What happens if you enter the PUK code wrong many times? This is unlikely because we generally enter this code or combination of digits with them in front of us and after consultation. But be careful because if you enter it wrong many times, the SIM will be blocked permanently until the operator unlocks it. The operators confirm that the card is blocked if you enter the code wrong about ten times in a row. In that case, you need it to be unlocked by going to a specialized store or by requesting a duplicate of it.

How to consult

Each operator can give you different steps when consulting it, although everyone will agree that the PUK code is an eight-digit security code that cannot be modified and that you will need if you block your card by entering the PIN incorrectly. It is always on the card when you buy it, make the contract or carry out a portability. It is in the piece of plastic or cardboard that your SIM is in. But over the years we do not know where that piece of cardboard or plastic is and this is when we have the problem. Or because we don’t always carry it with us.

That is why you can consult it from the applications, websites or contact phones of the different operators


Vodafone allows us to consult the PUK code from the customer area, whether you have made a new registration or if it is a portability. You can do it from the My Vodafone application or from the customer area on the website.

  • Web page

From the Vodafone website you must access the customer area with your personal data. Once here, go to the ” Menu ” button on the side of the home page and look for the “My devices” section. You will see if you have multiple SIMs. Look for the one with the number you want and you will be able to see the PUK code in addition to the PIN code you have.

  • Telephone 

Call the free phone number 1550, which is available 24 hours a day, from any national operator. Once you hang up, you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone from which you called (which does not have to be yours) with the code you need. In addition, you can also have it if you go to a nearby Vodafone store.

In the case of being a portability, you will have the code on the back of the plastic support but we can also follow the previous steps to consult it.


Movistar allows us to consult it from the private area , or by asking it to be sent to someone else’s phone, for example. In the private area we can see it in My Movistar in the application or from the client area of ​​the web.

  • Client area

In the customer area you can access with your username and password and on the left side of the menu you can go to “Management” to “Lines” and choose the option “Query PUK / IMEI / SimLock”. Once here, you choose the mobile line if there are several and it will let you retrieve the code to unlock the phone. Also in the application you can do it as long as you install it on another smartphone that is not blocked. You simply have to go to “My products” and choose the mobile line for which you want the code. Here you will see the eight digit combination to unlock.

  • PUK query

Movistar also has a specific service to check the PUK code if you have forgotten it. You simply need to enter the telephone number and ID of the line holder. Keep in mind that you need the holder’s identification if it is an additional line and it is in the name of your partner, your father or your mother. This will allow us to access from any device if we cannot open the private area.


Orange also allows you to get the PUK both by phone and if you enter the customer area from your computer, tablet or from another mobile phone. The easiest option is to call from another Orange line or from another operator.

  • By phone

You can do it at 1470 if the mobile you are calling from is Orange or at 656001470 if it is from another operator. Once you call, an automatic voice-over will open where you will have to type the number of the phone for which you want the unlock code. Then, say “PUK query” and you will have to enter your NIF. Automatically, the voice-over will give you the eight digits you need to be able to unlock your smartphone.

  • Client area

If you want, you can also do it from the customer area on your computer or tablet or if you have another mobile phone that is not locked. We access the Orange Customer Area and enter with our username and password. Once inside the customer area, we must go to the “My line” section at the top of the screen. Once inside the section, you simply have to check the details of the line where you will see the PUK with all the details you need.

Also in the application you can do it by accessing ” My line “. In the menu you will only have to go to the bottom of the page or the application to see the eight digits.

As in the rest of the operators, you can find the PUK on the plastic holder in which you receive the SIM card, but you may not know where it is.

In Yoigo

If you want to remember or look up Yoigo’s PUK code because you have forgotten the PIN, you can call the operator from another phone, whether or not it is Yoigo’s. If you call from a telephone with a contract with the operator, you can do it for free at 622 . If not, from any phone you can call 622 622 622 and they will give you the original PIN of the card (if you have not changed it) or the PUK if you have exhausted all possible attempts.

Like the rest, it also allows you to consult it from the client area or the application. All you have to do is access Mi Yoigo with your username and password and go to the settings section. From the settings we must go to ” Security ” and we will find it.

At Jazztel

If you have blocked the mobile phone with the wrong PIN code, Jazztel allows us to get the eight-digit code. In addition, as in the rest, you can consult it on the plastic or the original documentation of the card and it is invariable over time.

  • Client area and app

If you want you can access from the Jazztel customer area. Access the main page of the line you want to manage. At the bottom of the page you will find a section called “And also” and you will see “SIM Management”. In this section, as you see in the image below, you will see the details of the ICC, PIN code and PUK.

Also in the Jazztel application you can go to “My Products”. Access the specific line and go to ” SIM Management “. Here you can choose the “PIN / PUK” option.

  • By phone

Another option at Jazztel is to call by phone. They explain from the help website: “Call 1565 (Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to midnight) from another Jazztel mobile line other than the one you have blocked, or from a landline or mobile line of another operator by calling 640 001 565 “. Once you have called, a voiceover will ask you for the mobile number for which you want the code. You will have to give your NIF and you will receive in return the eight digits of the PUK code that you must use.


From the Lowi application you can access the same information that is on “the little plastic card that is missing,” they explain on their own operator’s website. As they collect in this section, you can check it on the card that comes. But if you have lost it, you can go to the website.

  • From the app

You can go to the Mi Lowi application and log in with your username and password. In the Configuration section of the line you must go to the “SIM” option and you will have access to the same information. You can get your PIN code and your PUK code.

  • By phone

You can also call Lowi in customer service. You can call 121 from an operator phone with customer service from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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