How to Check the Ink Levels of Your HP Printer

Undoubtedly, having a printer is very useful, especially for workers or students. In any case, if you want to make a digital triptych for printing and many other tasks, it is essential to know the ink values ​​of your HP printer , something that we will show you below.

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  1. In what ways can you check the ink level of your HP printer?
    1. From your HP printer assistant
    2. Installing HP printer application
  2. What are the symbols that indicate the ink level in your HP printer?
  3. How to correctly change the ink cartridge of your HP printer?
  4. How do you know if your HP printer has the required ink level?

In what ways can you check the ink level of your HP printer?

It is possible that when you print to a printer on your Android mobile or on your computer, you notice that the printing does not have the quality you expected. This is probably the case precisely because the printer ink level is very low . Fortunately, there are a number of ways to check the ink level in your HP printer.

From your HP printer assistant

Even if you don’t install specific software, we have the tools provided by Windows to manage the printers . If you want to access these functions, you must first go to the Windows Control Panel.

Once inside the control panel, click on the ‘Hardware and sound’ section. Here you should see ‘Devices and Printers’ open it in order to find your device. After finding your printer, right click on it and then click on ‘Open’. After doing the above, different information will be displayed, including the remaining ink settings of the printer .

Installing HP printer application

Typically, HP printers have software designed to manage devices. Through these programs it is possible to view relevant information related to the health of the printer and other aspects of interest to the user . Clearly, through your printer wizard, you will be able to see basic aspects such as the available ink level of the HP printer .

The application varies according to the operating system you have, at least in Windows we have HP Smart. In the event that you do not have the application, you can download it directly from the Windows application store. In fact, we recommend having it installed for the purpose of analyzing the operation of the printer and is often necessary to access functions such as sharing the printer on the Windows network .

After the previous checks, you should go to the control panel of the equipment. Inside the control panel, click on ‘Hardware and Sound’. After the above, click on ‘Devices and printers’, find your printer, right click on it and then on ‘HP / HP Smart Assistant’ , where you can see the information related to ink levels.

What are the symbols that indicate the ink level in your HP printer?

It all depends on the printer you have and the software installed. In any case, most of the time it is very easy to understand the graphics that are displayed on the screen . The representative bars of ink cartridges are usually shown according to their color.

In relation to the above, the interface will be displayed both as a percentage (indicating the percentage of ink that the printer has), and graphically, where it will show how full the ink cartridge is visually. In both cases it is really very easy to understand when the cartridges have a lot or little ink .

How to correctly change the ink cartridge of your HP printer?

  • It is important that the printer is turned on during the procedure, after this check Open the door that allows access to the location of the ink cartridges of your printer.
  • After the above, the cartridges should be moved to be available and within reach of the user.
  • Press on the cartridge you want to remove, in this way it will unhook from the printer. You will have to do the same with the other units
  • After the above, you will need to insert the cartridges. If brand new, please open the package carefully and remove the protective stickers.
  • Do not touch the pins on the cartridge at any time and insert it carefully. Remember, cartridges are made to be easily inserted, so you shouldn’t force them.
  • Finally, close the printer door and proceed to verify that the cartridges were installed correctly.

How do you know if your HP printer has the required ink level?

There are several ways to tell if your cartridges are full of ink. In fact, the first way to know that your cartridges are low on ink is precisely the print quality. If you notice that the print quality is decreasing or that it looks very faint, the ink in the device is probably lower than recommended .

On the other hand, the processes mentioned above will be useful to know the amount of ink available in your printer. Just read the information above carefully so that you can verify that your HP printer has an adequate ink level.

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