How to check the IMEI of your phone

What is IMEI, what are its capabilities and how to remotely find a smart, if it is not clear where it got lost – in this material.

What is phone IMEI code and what is it for?

IMEI is a code assigned at the factory. It cannot be replaced when changing the sim card. The code is stitched directly into the hardware. An account is assigned to any individual device: be it a smartphone , tablet or other means of communication.

More and more people are buying used smartphones. And in order to buy an original, not stolen device, you need to check it.

The code is displayed in the application of mobile operators. When you enter a password search into the system, you can instantly find out all the information.

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Ways to check IMEI for Android

When you connect a device for the first time, automatically link it to the owner’s Google account. All information about Android is stored on the server. You can find out the IMEI of your phone in four places.

Using a digital combination * # 06 #
In the phone menu Find “Settings”
In the device itself On the back
On the packing box See the pasted sticker

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Have by number (code)

The easiest method for determining your phone number, which does not require skills or knowledge, is * # 06 #. If the gadget is two-digit , a marking with two codes will appear on the screen.

The IMEI format is the same for all gadgets, regardless of the cost of the model and the popularity of the brand. It is used to locate and disable the device. If you lose your smartphone or get stolen, notify your mobile operator imei. The phone will be blocked and tried to track its location.

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SIM card slot

You can also find IMEI on the gadget slot.

  1. On the side panel, you need to find a hole for a special key.
  2. Insert the key into it and the sim card slot will pop out. This is where the code is displayed.

By analogy, if there are two SIM cards, then there are two codes. The slot should open effortlessly. If not, it is better to contact the official service. A representative will help you figure it out. Including with questions related to identity certificates.

This option is not suitable for older models. In such cases, you need:

  • slide the back panel of the device,
  • remove the battery, the code is engraved under it.

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Smartphone box

Don’t throw away your smartphone’s shipping box. The original IMEI is printed on it. Important: the code on the box must necessarily match the device code, which is defined in your Google account.

  1. You need to log in to your Personal Account, find the item “Android”.
  2. Click on it → a pop-up submenu with IMEI will appear.

If you decide to sell a smartphone, the packaging is very much even needed. Many people prefer to check the purchased phone by checking the abbreviation on the box. And make sure it’s not stolen.

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Determining IMEI on iOS

To be sure that the iOS purchased from your hands has not been stolen, be sure to check the details. The verification methods are varied:

  • on the iOS case,
  • in the Finder or iTunes app,
  • by code number,
  • Contact Apple Customer Support Services.

ICloud: storage capabilities

In iCloud, save copies of the data sheets of iPhone and iPad. The data that is indicated on them will help to block the device from any PC, if necessary. As a last resort – even erase all data. Do this:

  • open the website,
  • select “Find iPhone”.

Marking iOS as stolen will block unauthorized payments.

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