How to check the frame rate in Adobe Director 3D

Macromedia Director is a component called 3D Director. The program is used to create interactive games for a variety of output formats and 3D Director allows for 3D character modeling. The frame rate is the frames per second, FPS. Typically, 24 to 30 frames per second are used. The program allows users to output content to a variety of formats. The frame rate can be checked in seconds after rendering, using the Windows “Properties” file tool. 


output the Macromedia Director content. Click “File”, then “Export” and select the format for rendering the content. Enter a “File Name”, and the directory of the file. The frame rate of the project will be determined by the parameters that were defined during the creation of the project file /.

Wait for the content to finish exporting. This may take a while depending on the quality, duration and file format.

Right click on the exported file.

Click on “Properties”.

Click on “Details”.

search for “frame rate”. This will display the frame rate of the content. You have now checked the frame rate for the project.

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