How to check screen on time in Windows 11

Microsoft has completely overhauled the user interface and introduced a host of new features in Windows 11, including a new focused taskbar, a new Microsoft Store with support for Android apps, and more. The Redmond giant has also introduced a battery graph to help users check battery usage in Windows 11. Within battery usage, you now have the option to check screen wake-up time, time screen off and sleep time, much like what you are used to on smartphones. Now if you upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10, this is how you can check the screen on time in Windows 11.

Check the screen on time in Windows 11.

Checking the screen on time in Windows 11 is pretty straightforward. Unlike going back to the Windows 10 start menu and customizing the taskbar, you don’t have to try too hard to see the screen on time on Microsoft’s latest operating system. Here’s how to check screen in time on your Windows 11 laptop in easy steps.

Steps to check screen on time in Windows 11

  1. Open the Settings application in Windows 11 and go to the “ Power and Battery” section under the System tab.
  2. Under Battery Settings, expand the “Battery Usage” sectionby clicking on it. You will find the Battery Usage option below the “Battery Saver” controls.
  3. Here you will see a chart showing your PC’s battery usage for the last 24 hours. You can hover over individual bars to find the exact battery percentage for a specific hour. Just below the table, you will find the display at the time, the display off, and the total sleep time. .
  4. You can also view the average screen on, off, and sleep time for the last seven days from this page. Switch to the “Last 7 Days” optionin the drop-down menu on the right side of the “Battery Levels” heading to access your average usage.

Check battery usage by app in Windows 11

  1. In addition to the display on time, you can also see the battery usage by app on this page. This way, you can easily identify the apps that are draining your battery. Windows 11 also allows you to sort by apps in use, apps running in the background, and by name.
  2. You can also check the battery usage of a particular app here. Just type the name of the application whose usage you would like to know in the search box. You will then see the battery usage when the app was in use and in the background, along with the duration.

This new battery usage feature, along with timely display details, could be useful for users of Windows 11 notebooks and ARM notebooks. If your battery life is deteriorating, you can now head over to the “Battery Usage” settings to see which app is draining your battery and take appropriate action.

Check the battery usage details in Windows 11

So here’s how you can check the screen on time in Windows 11. If you haven’t tried Windows 11 yet, we suggest you join the Windows Insider program and give it a try. If you didn’t like the experience, you can always choose to go back to Windows 10 from Windows 11. Or, if you’re waiting for your PC to get the Windows 11 update, take another look at the best Windows 11 features you should know about. what to expect.

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