How to check RCA coverage

Knowing that you are in compliance with the TPL coverage is your obligation : how to check if the insurance is active (and until when it will be)? Read the article to find out.

Check RCA coverage

Car Civil Liability is a mandatory insurance contract for every vehicle in circulation: how to know if a vehicle is correctly covered by RCA? (Read also: why RCA insurance is mandatory )

Obviously the first check to do is related to the policy: take it, and read if it is active (and until when it will be). This is obviously the simplest and most immediate method to carry out this verification.

You can also take advantage of it to re-read clauses, amounts of deductibles and ceilings, as well as to note when the deadline falls.

Don’t have the insurance contract on hand? Since the obligation to display the insurance coupon no longer exists, you will have to use another system.

RCA: digital verifications and scams

To check if the TPL coverage is active, you can connect to the site created by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport , that is the Motorist ‘s Portal , which can be consulted mainly from a computer. Here, thanks to the license plate, you will find this information, as well as many others (such as the number of points on your license).

Alternatively, there are numerous dedicated apps (even free): Infotarga, Targa Scanner, Vehicle Scanner, Check RCA Italy, iTarga, Altolà, etc. However, not all databases are reliable and updated in real time .

We remind you that there are also scams on insurance policies , and these are serious situations: insuring yourself on an irregular site, in fact, the RCA has no value and offers no real coverage.

In addition to losing money, you will transfer your personal data to unknown entities, and you risk fines (from 841 to 3,366 euros, art. 193 of the CdS), seizure of the vehicle and payment of damages in the event of an accident.

While the promised savings are tempting, in the case of unsafe sites you first need to verify that they are authentic, then pay with traceable methods.


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