How to check iTunes and App Store purchase history on iPhone

Since our first iPod, iPad or iPhone we have probably used the same Apple ID , since when downloading and buying applications, books, movies or music it is necessary to have an ID. And if you don’t have it yet, we recommend creating your free Apple ID account .

Since we have probably been using the same ID for a long time, sometimes we want to see the history of the applications and music that we have downloaded and purchased over the years or maybe someone is using your ID to buy Apps and music and you want to see specifically from which device the purchase was made and what date. To achieve this, the first thing you must do is log in with your Apple ID on iPhone .

Previously, viewing your iTunes and App Store purchase history was only possible through a computer. Thanks to a new update it is now possible to see this history through the mobile device. Let’s see how it is possible to see the purchase history from your iPhone and computer in case you do not know how to consult it from the PC.

Options available in the purchase history


Before knowing the steps to consult it, it is necessary to know what options are available when consulting the history . You can request a refund in case someone has stolen your data, or simply by mistake when buying an item. Other options are:

  • Report problems or errors with an App or article.
  • Check an item’s purchase date or the date a purchase was invoiced.
  • See a complete list of all purchases made in iTunes and App Store.
  • Check which method was used to charge an item.
  • You can ask them to send a complete receipt to an email .

Steps to check your purchase history from iPhone and computer


To check the history of purchases you make in iTunes and computer, we are going to show you some steps so that you can do it from your iPhone mobile is very simple.

From iPhone

Step 1

To start open the “Settings” application Hit the first option, where you can see your name in large letters. Then hit the iTunes and App Store option.

Step 2

Press the first option where it says “AppleID” . Then a small box will appear with 4 options, you must press the first option “See Apple ID”. You may be asked to log in.

Step 3

Press the option “Purchase history” and several options will appear. For example, if you want to see the purchases you made 90 days ago, press the “Last 90 days” option. In this option you can also see your purchases by year. Find the item you want and press “Total invoiced” . From there you can do the following:

  • If you want to request a refund or report a problem, select the item and then press “Report a problem” and describe the issue.
  • If you want to see the date you purchased an item and the device used at the time of purchase, tap the item.
  • If you want to receive a new receipt by email , tap Resend. You cannot receive receipts for free items.

From a computer

Step 1

Access iTunes from any computer with any operating system (Windows X, Linux, etc). The iTunes application is completely free.

Step 2

At the top there is a bar where you can find the iTunes tools. Press “Store” and then press the option of “View account”.

Step 3

After having entered “View account” it will ask to enter your Apple ID to consult everything related to the account used on the Apple device.

Step 4

A screen will appear with all the Apple ID information such as credit card , country, authorized computers using the same ID, cloud management and purchase history. Press purchase history and then the option “See all”

Step 5

In the purchase history it is possible to filter the purchases made through the months and years, press the option you want and a list will automatically be displayed with several applications / multimedia contents that we have downloaded for free or purchased, the order number will appear and the exact date of purchase.

So you can have control of all your purchases in iTunes and the App Store in case you see any inconvenience when making a purchase or you want to delete or cancel a pending purchase in iTunes .

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