How To Check all the series you’ve seen on Netflix

Netflix makes a record of all the series we watch or movies and saves them in the “Viewing activity” section where we can see what we have seen at all times. It will also show it to us in our main window where the carousel appears with everything you have started but in the next few paragraphs we will explain how to check the history or how to delete series from “Continue watching” on Netflix.

Delete series from “Continue watching”

Netflix did not allow deleting the “Continue watching” list, which was quite annoying for users since surely you have ever started a series and stopped watching it immediately, without wanting to see more episodes. We start something and leave it several minutes later and it accumulates in the “Keep watching” list without it being of any interest to us at all. Luckily, Netflix allows us to remove them.

To delete series from ” Continue watching ” on Netflix we can do it from the browser or mobile phone, for example, from the web version or the app.

From the browser

The steps are simple in the browser and we must log in and access our profile in the event that there are several added to the same Netflix account. We scroll through our carousel of options and here we go to the one that interests us, the one that shows the series or movies that we have left halfway.

Once you are in “Continue watching for …” you will see the thumbnail of each series and the progress. You do not have to open it to delete it but we are simply going to place the computer mouse over that series or movie without clicking. Going over it, a series of options will open up: keep watching, add to my list, rate positively, rate negatively … and the last icon, an X.

If you place the cursor on the X you will see that a speech bubble appears that indicates “Remove from the row”. Click on this button to remove the “Continue Watching” series.

We will see three options about why you have eliminated this:

  • I like it, but I don’t want to keep seeing it
  • I do not like
  • Cleaning up a bit!

Choose the one that best suits the reason for which you have removed it. If you like it but don’t feel like it or you’ve already seen it and it’s there by mistake, tap on the first one. If you don’t like it, the corresponding one. And if it is simply the typical series that you have given inadvertently or that you are not interested in and have played for gossip, choose the last option.

On mobile phone

From the application we can also remove series from the list if we are interested and the steps are similar to the previous ones. We must install the application or open it on the mobile phone and tablet and access our profile if we have several.

Scroll until you find the row that interests us: Keep watching. Once here, we will see the same series as in the browser version. We have to touch on the three points in the lower right corner of each of them.

When you tap on these three points, several available options will appear: Episodes and information, download episode, I like it, not for me, remove from the row. As you can imagine, the last one is the one that interests us: Eliminate from the row.

Touch on this menu option and a dialog box will appear asking us if we want to remove the title of “Continue watching” or do not want to do so. Confirm with “OK” and it will be removed from the corresponding list.

On other devices

We cannot remove any series or movie from the list from devices such as Smart TV or Google Chromecast, for example. At least for now. From the television applications we are not allowed to edit this list as we do from the mobile phone or from the browser, you must take this into account.

The great advantage is that the moment you delete a series by following any of the previous tutorials, you will also delete it from other devices. It syncs automatically and will not appear on the TV.

Check the history

Removing series from “Continue Watching” does not remove them from history or “viewing activity,” as Netflix calls it. They will remain here corresponding to their date, even if you have deleted them from the content carousel started. But we can easily delete or check Netflix viewing history.

Keep in mind that each different profile has its own history . That is, each user who uses the same account has a profile and we can access their specific activity without “mixing” unless there are two people using the same profile. We can see what day and what content that person has seen.

In the browser

To see the viewing activity in the browser, we must follow a few simple steps from our Netflix account. We can see the profile of anyone on our account as long as they do not have a lock password.

  • We open Netflix
  • We choose the profile that interests us from all the available ones
  • We go to the upper right corner of the web page
  • Touch and in the menu choose “Account”
  • Go to the end of the web page
  • Find your profile and tap on the down arrow icon
  • Open the option “Viewing Activity”
  • Tap on “View”

Here our activity will appear with the viewing date, the series and the specific chapter that we have seen. By tapping on each one, it will automatically take us to the screen to see it. You can go back to see all the details of the last days, weeks or months to know what you have seen each day or what is pending.

On the right side we can touch on the prohibited icon if we want to remove or hide that content from the viewing list.

We can also touch on “Hide the series?” on the right side, as you can see in the previous image. This will make all episodes of that series disappear from the history.

Another option that this screen gives us is to choose “Report a problem” . By clicking on this option we can choose the type of problem that we have found:

  • Mislabeled movie or series
  • Video problems if cut off or blurry
  • Sound problems if it does not correspond to the video or is not heard
  • Subtitle problems

You can mark the option you want, fill in more details and confirm.

From the phone

The Netflix mobile application does not allow us to consult the history directly from the app itself, but rather it takes us to the phone’s browser, but we can follow a simple route from the app that will automatically take us to the Netflix viewing history …

  • Open the application on your mobile phone
  • At the top, choose the profile that interests you
  • Go to the upper right corner
  • Tap on your profile icon and settings will open
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on “Account”
  • Your phone’s browser will automatically open
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Open the drop-down with your profile
  • Scroll again until you find “Viewing Activity”
  • Tap on “See

Once here, “X’s Activity” will appear . And all the series and movies seen in the last days, weeks or months. You’ll see the date at the top and the title of the series (or movie) along with the exact season and episode.

If you want to delete that series or movie from the history, simply tap on the forbidden icon on the right side of each one of them. You will see that there is a message informing that it has been hidden:

“Within 24 hours, * series name and episode * will no longer appear on the Netflix service as a title you’ve watched and will no longer be included in your recommendations, unless you replay it”

Also from the mobile it will allow us to touch “Hide the series” if you do not want that specific episode to stop appearing but all the chapters of it.

Netflix viewing statistics

Beyond what Netflix offers us by default, there are some tools that we can have at hand if we want to know our details with the use of the platform. They have the disadvantage of accessing our account but we can have much more information than the service provides us from its website. We can do it with the “Netflix viewing statistics” extension available for Google Chrome that allows us to know much more about what we watch.

Once you install the extension it will appear in the upper right corner in the browser, like the rest. You must have your Netflix session started and you must have the profile that you are interested in “analyzing” open at that time, although you do not necessarily have to have the Netflix window open, it will be enough to have logged in.

When everything is ready, tap on the corresponding icon and a website will open with a series of statistics and complete details about your activity with that platform.

At the top we will see average Netflix time per day each day of the week or time watching movies and series in a graph that will show what you usually watch the most. After this, a viewing summary where you will see details such as total time since you became aware , maximum marathon in a day, titles played, devices used, movies watched (and total time), series watched (and total time)

At the bottom we will have the viewing activity. The difference with the one Netflix offers by default is that you can see not only the date but the exact time you watched a certain chapter or, at least, you started it. Also the exact duration of said content and even the type of device you used for it.

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