How to chat on Instagram from your PC

Today we will see how to chat on Instagram from PC without downloading with a simple step-by-step tutorial. It is easier than you imagine and you can have conversations with all your friends on this popular social network.

We cannot deny that currently, one of the most used social networks is Instagram. Which has the majority of its users on mobile devices. However, using social networks from a computer is often more comfortable.

One of the “bad” things that Instagram had when entering from its website is that the chat was not enabled, something that I always found quite necessary and relatively simple to add.

Therefore, we had to use various tricks to be able to access the social network chat. Then when the Windows version of Instagram was released, which we can download from the Microsoft Store, this was partly solved.

We still couldn’t chat from the official website. Although downloading the app it was possible, many people do not want or cannot download said app. Maybe because they open Instagram on a shared computer, etc.

At present, the social network updated the web interface and you can chat without any kind of problem , we are going to talk about this in detail a little below and you will see that you can quickly access all conversations and start new ones, from the web, without downloading anything.

How to send private messages on Instagram from your computer

Obviously the most prudent option in this regard is to directly download the application from the social network from the Microsoft Store . After doing so, you can log in as you usually do and start chatting.

Currently, Instagram has changed its web design a lot. If you enter from you will see that some things have been modified to add some new ones.

One of those new things that have been added is direct messages. Something that you can verify in the upper right area of ​​the screen. At present we do not need to download anything or use any kind of “Trick” to be able to chat on Instagram from a PC.

How to chat on Instagram from your PC

By simply entering and logging in with your account information. Now you can start chatting with all your friends without any kind of problem and most importantly, without having to download anything.

Although from the app it can be more practical, especially since you will have the notifications that appear in Windows in the lower right part of the screen. In case you use Opera you can also link Instagram so that it appears in the left sidebar.

This is a more than necessary step to improve the user experience. We cannot deny that on many occasions it is easier to use the application from the same computer than from a mobile device.

Not only because of the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.), but also the photographs and videos that are shared in it can be better appreciated.

But as you can see, it is quite easy to chat on Instagram from your PC without downloading anything . By simply entering the official website we can do it.

Something that is still missing is the possibility of adding photos to Instagram without the need of the app or a mobile device. Currently you can, but it requires a little trick to do this.

As you can see, it is quite easy to chat on Instagram from your PC without having to download anything. Hopefully soon they will add the possibility of uploading photos and stories without having to do any kind of strange “maneuver”.


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