How to change your subscription plan on Netflix

With this simple guide you can change your Netflix subscription plan quickly and easily.Netflix is ​​the number one streaming service in the world, and this is mainly due to its extensive content catalog and the quality of its original movies and series. In addition, it is the only platform of its kind that has several subscription plans.

The rate for these plans may vary depending on your device or the number of profiles you want, among other features. But what if you are already subscribed to Netflix and want to change your plan? It is very simple, you can achieve it in a few steps, and here we will show you how to do it.

What are the subscription plans available on Netflix?

Netflix offers three monthly subscription plans to its users around the world. Below we will take a look at each of them and what their benefits are:

  • Netflix Basic Plan – € 7.99 per month: This plan is fairly basic, and is intended for the individual Netflix user. It supports only one stream at a time and the video resolution is also significantly reduced, down to just 480p.
  • Netflix Standard Plan – € 12.99 per month: If you have a wife or kids, but don’t have the newest 4K TVs at home, Netflix’s standard plan is what you need. Allows up to two simultaneous streams on the same account. In this case, the video resolution also goes up to 1080p.
  • Netflix premium plan – € 17.99 per month: if you want to enjoy all the content on the platform in 4K format , and you have a compatible device, then the premium plan is the one for you. This plan increases the limit to four simultaneous streams. Without a doubt, it is the most complete and functional option, especially if you want your family to also enjoy the advantages offered by the service, such as the ability to download content to view them offline.

How to change your Netflix plan

Changing your Netflix subscription plan is much easier than you can imagine. Of course, first of all you should know that the procedure is practically the same if you change your Netflix plan through the application on your smartphone with Android or iOS, or if you do it on your PC from the browser of your choice. In any case, you will only have to comply with the following steps:

  • If you are using your mobile, open the Netflix application and click on the More menu at the bottom right of the screen.
  • If you use the web version of the platform on your computer, simply hover over your profile.
  • In both cases, tap or click the Account section .
  • This will take you to a web page where you will see a selection called Plan Details, where you can see your current subscription plan.
  • Now select the option Change plan.
  • Then you will see the three plans that are available. Here, you will simply have to tap or click on the plan you want to use from now on.
  • Then click on the Continue button .
  • Here you will see a final screen showing the Netflix plan you currently have and the one you are changing.
  • Tap or click the blue Confirm change box to complete the process, and you’re done.
  • Please note that your Netflix subscription plan will not change until the start of your next monthly billing cycle.
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