How to change your PIN in Soriana

When it comes to chains of Mexican origin, Soriana cannot be overlooked, this excellent chain of supermarkets has great notoriety.

What’s more, it could be the supermarket chain with the highest acceptance numbers in Mexico. Stay to know how to register or change your PIN in Soriana, as this article will explain you in detail. And not only that, you will also learn to check your payroll on the Soriana page online in easy steps.

How to Register or Change your PIN in Soriana – Step by Step

Thanks to all its success in the country, it has managed to carry out certain deals with banking organizations to produce procedures that improve the customer experience. Among all these improvements that Soriana’s service has had, we can find the implementation of Mastercard credit cards to be used in official stores.

They arose through a commercial agreement concluded by Falabella, another large chain of supermarkets and department stores with an international scope. The Falabella commercial group settled in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Chile, where it comes from and where its headquarters are located.

However, although they did not set up stores or branches in Mexico, they reached an agreement with Soriana to jointly produce Mastercard credit cards . They provide certain specific benefits that facilitate the purchase of products from any type of establishment belonging to the Soriana chain.

Regardless of whether you buy in large or small formats from Soriana supermarkets, having a Falabella-Soriana card is a very useful tool for the daily life of the Mexican citizen who purchases in this national chain. In addition, you will be able to check the balance of the Omonel Soriana card , as well as the bonuses and benefits that you obtain.

How to register or change your PIN in Soriana

The PIN, or also called the Personal Identification Number , is an essential part of what identifies documents, bank accounts, and cards like ours. However, if we want to stop being the owners of a card, document, or bank account, it is necessary that we register or change the Soriana PIN .

Generally, if we want to stop being the owners or cancel an affiliation to any organization that involves our PIN, we simply have to register.

Generally, we can do it from the Internet thanks to the fact that we can manage our accounts through the web pages of the companies to which your affiliation belongs.

On the other hand, it is also very possible that what you want is to change your PIN, to use a simpler one, or because you changed your ID. In this case, it is also possible to change your personal identification number in a very easy way from the official Soriana website.

How to do it step by step

  1. Access the official Soriana page and go directly to the cards section where you will see all the options regarding change or registration.
  2. Continue with the option that allows you to change your PIN or register, you will follow a fairly similar process with both.
  3. Once you have reached the point where you must determine whether to change your personal identification number or to sign up, make your decision.
  4. Select if you want to change your PIN or simply sign up for the service, and the page itself will guide you through the process of performing both actions.

What benefits does a Soriana card bring you?

Depending on what type of Soriana store you are in and also the type of product you are going to buy, you can receive different benefits. For example, you can buy and receive an e-money discount , in addition you will get a greater amount of reward points to buy special products.

And on the other hand, even if you use your credit card repeatedly, you will not have to fear high interest rates that increase unfairly.

In fact, it could take months before there is even an upward movement in interest, so you can use the card with complete confidence that there will be no illogical charges.

Start enjoying all the unique opportunities that Falabella and Soriana offer you now thanks to their Mastercard credit cards. And if you are a student, and you have the My Scholarship card from the supplies and uniforms program , you can use it with complete confidence in Soriana.


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